Monday, April 18, 2005

The day at Mt. Macedon

......................................The gazebo where we escaped to

Sun and rain at the same time!

Also some hail thrown in...

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Yep, that's Melbourne. Last Sunday we drove to Mt. Macedon to escape the heat, but after briefly walking around in a lovely private garden open to the public for the day, the heavens opened. Fortunately we were close to a garden gazebo where we waited out the rain, and the temperature didn't drop too much. We've had some more warmish days since, but I think we'll be in for more autumnal weather from now on.

Yesterday I celebrated the start of a whole week free of teaching library skills classes - good to clear up the debris that piles up on the desk during the start of the semester. Today it's my turn to work the Saturday shift, but I'm looking forward to Sunday and Monday off.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hot weather in April???

We're experiencing really hot weather for this time of year, 35 degrees yesterday, 31 today. Hoping to escape it by going to Mt. Macedon to visit some gardens. It should be 5 degrees cooler, and the gardens will have their autumnal colors going.

We're still having BBQs and eating dinner outdoors in our screened in porch. Tonight we're doing a massive rack of beef on the barbie. The boys will be happy with their slabs of protein.

The highs and lows of following a football team

Last week, that fantastic and unexpected turnaround win over the Bombers, and this week an equally unexpected loss to the Magpies. But the beauty of Aussie Rules is that every week you can go to the game with hope in your heart, despite the predictions of the experts. This week the Magpie supporters would be celebrating their unexpected win, now if only we can do the same thing in Adelaide and Perth over the next two weeks. I'm not very confident however...

Update: The game in Adelaide was a draw, which was a VERY good result for us (they were last year's premiership team). Now for the game in Perth.