Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The man who cooks

Although I live with a bread nazi, this same man also is a fabulous cook. And he has more than able assistants, namely our sons. Here is Mel turning these massive veal shanks, in our beautiful French casserole (how did we live without that for all those years?)

Don't you love how he is wearing his workman's overalls while cooking? He's also a great handyman. Am I lucky, or what? Also lucky for having that walk-in pantry you can see in the background.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Seniors Card - so it's come to this

One perk of being a senior is having a seniors card. I got mine in the mail this week, and today I used it for the first time on the tram. Instead of paying $5.90 for a daily ticket I paid only $2.90. Not bad. One thing I wasn't impressed with though is that the card came with an accompanying letter signed by the Minister for Aged Care. Hmm...

I went to see the Dutch Masters Exhibition at the National Gallery. We are so lucky to have these treasures brought so far for us to see.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oh, the horror, the horror

It's wonderful having creative friends who also have long memories. Anne Priestley, an accomplished artist, and friend over the past 31 years, dredged up a photo taken on New Year's 1978. We were seeing who could look the silliest doing something with a couple of Tic Tacs. Tic Tacs, by the way, are small pellet-shaped mints.

Not content to leave it as is, Anne has used modern technology (really!) to change my 30-something self into a premature old hag! See original photo below.

Anne made this into a birthday card for me. Thanks a lot!