Friday, January 27, 2006

Leaves of Grass: FLOWERS (by Sonia)

Well, this is an experiment, actually blogged something from someone else's blog, using the "Blog this" feature. Always wondered what that did...

If you'd like to see what you can do with a scanner and some fresh flowers to make stunning photos, do look over at Sonia's blog. It's like the modern day version of pressed flowers! Must go out and buy a scanner!

Update: today husband and son have done some research on the internet then looked at some all-in-one machines (scanner, fax, printer, copier) at Harvey Normans - looks like we'll be getting one of these beauties soon!


Sonia said...

HI VAL! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the link and the mention to my flowers! It's so nice and very stimulant this link to my page and your kind compliment!

Val said...

Thanks to blognetworking I discovered the lovely flowers on Sonia's blog too! Arent they wonderful, and soooo pleased you will be getting some new technology to play with Val. *goes off to look for black material to try a few freesias under the scanner* Aint blogging fun?