Saturday, March 05, 2005

How time flies

The four week holiday is receding into the distant past, but again this year it seems to have set me up for a calm relaxed start to the academic year. As usual we are inundated with lots of students with logging in problems, giving tours of the library and classes on using the catalogue, as well as sessions on how to do library research. However, it always adds a bit of excitement to the place when hordes of students arrive on campus after the somnolent quiet of the summer break.

Ben has started at university, and has a 9 o'clock class every morning which means he has to be at the bus stop at 7.40! This has meant a big change for him, as during the summer he got up late every day. But in typical Ben-fashion, he has adjusted. Toby is starting his second year, and also he now has set shifts working in the library.

Mel is almost finished building a Japanese-inspired garden house - stay tuned for some photos when it's ready.

Finally, we are fast approaching the football season here, and the Carlton Blues have done well in the pre season. If they win tonight, they will be in the pre season Grand Final. One step at a time...

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