Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Long weekend in Bendigo

We stayed at the venerable (1897) Shamrock Hotel in the center of town, walking distance to fantastic restaurants such as Bazzani's, good breakfast venue in yet another converted bank (Mully's Cafe), and the wonderful art gallery with its own cafe. We did manage to do things other than eat and drink (Bendigo pottery, eucalyptus distillery, the talking tram). Want to go back for more!

Our room was at the top right of photo.......We sat in these chairs in the lounge.
Me sitting in the lounge. Mel and his mother enjoying our picnic lunch in the hotel room.

Isn't this lovely?


Sonia said...

What a lovely trip! What a great pleasure!
Shamrock Hotel is very beautiful!

Kerri said...

It's gorgeous! You must've felt like royalty! I love that bread crock you bought.