Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Val's a senior citizen!

I turned 60 today, so am now eligible for discounted tram travel (yay!), cheap tickets to things like the cinema and the ballet and, as my hairdresser told me this morning, discounts on the chairlifts in the snowfields. Thanks, but no thanks. Couldn't care less if I never experienced snow again, although I do have wonderful childhood memories of snowy winters in New York. Uh oh, another jog down memory lane coming up - isn't that what oldies do?

Fortunately I can look back on a beautiful childhood in a warm and loving family, but I'll spare you the details today. I'm too busy getting ready for the dinner we're putting on for 10 of us this evening. Some photos will be taken (digital of course) and I'll try to post them here before we leave for the country tomorrow morning.

Hairdressers, right up there with doctors and dentists, people you rely on to keep things going. I have always looked forward to going to the hairdressers, but never so much as to the ones I have been going to for the past 8 or 9 years. They are a husband and wife team, have a variety of interests and are always interested in their clients. I feel like I'm going to visit friends when I go to their salon. When I was (a lot) younger, there was an advertisement for a hair coloring product, Clairol I think, and the signature slogan went something like "So natural looking, only her hairdresser knows for sure". There may still be women out there who pretend their hair color is natural, but fortunately people are much more honest about that these days. I don't mind people knowing I have my hair colored to the way it was when I was younger. And one of the fun things about getting older, if you're feeling happy within yourself, is that you can be yourself. I am looking forward to my senior years, and being as silly as I've always been.

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