Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I live with a bread nazi

The boys and I will happily eat most breads, although in recent years I've come to view bread with seeds as the dentist's friend. But we are constantly under the cloud of the resident bread nazi who will settle for nothing less than a bread that needs to be bought from bakeries in suburbs far and wide, never within walking distance to the local shops.

Admittedly most of the breads are good to eat, but are they worth the trip (and petrol)? We have at least managed to ban him getting one type of bread that not only is fairly plain in taste, but is actually dangerous to eat. That is the epi, a nasty piece of work that can easily puncture the roof of your mouth, or if you're very clumsy, put an eye out. How ridiculous is this shape!

And it wouldn't even fit in the big bread crock we bought when we visited Bendigo a few months ago.


Wendy A said...

That is hilarious. You must have seen the Sienfield episode of the Soup Nazi.

Val said...

That's right, Wendy!

Kerri said...

I've never seen bread like that before. Wierd! So does your BN bake bread??? Maybe if I keep reading I'll find out?

Val said...

No more breadmaking in our household, although we used to in days of
1) more time
2) more reliable oven (see my post Monstrosity in the kitchen)
3) few good breads available commercially