Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just getting by

Two comments today from Kerri and Alice on my last post of over a week ago have prodded me into action. And no, I haven't been wearing slippers continuously since last Sunday, but I AM still wearing slippers now at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday. I have missed the daily dialogue with my blogging buddies over the past week, have just managed to read and comment here and there.

I've been plagued by some bug that has been coming and going over the past couple of weeks, not feeling sick enough to justify collapsing into bed and having the man who cooks fuss over me (he's good at that). So I've just kept going to work, trying to stay low key, definitely feeling low key. I haven't felt inspired to post anything this week, although you might have noticed my minor rant about the Commonwealth Games in my banner.

But today there is something positive to post about: this is a photo of the just completed project in our front courtyard. A simple bench will be fixed to the wall under the kitchen window to add a finishing touch. The man who cooks will have a nice outlook from his study. Yes, he is also a handyman and does love his projects. He also loves concrete, and those uprights will survive gale force winds, being imbedded in a good whack of concrete. If I ever wanted to buy him something really special, it would be one of those miniature concrete mixer trucks you sometimes see.


Alice said...

Glad we've stirred you into action again, Val. Those screens look really snazzy. I'm trying to get my bearings - the seat will be inside the screens, right? Presumably a lovely sunny spot? Are the screens for privacy, wind protection, or just because you like them, as well you might?

Val said...

Yes, the seat would be on the wall you see in the left photo. Not sunny, as it's facing south, this is more for just looking at. The aim is to make it look like the entrance to a Japanese teahouse, where you sit on a seat to take off your shoes. The structure takes the place of a tree that had reached the end of its life. Luckily the panels do not shed leaves, branches and purple berries throughout the year, or ever!

Val said...

Hope you shake off the nastiness thats bringing you down, Val.

Ah, a "machai" how lovely. My husband offered to create one of those, but he calls it "the bus shelter". Do you have those in Oz? Anyway it is still awaiting finishing, though it looks more like a summer house to me. His comment (when I suggested gently that it wasnt really very Japanese) "well if I lived in Japan, thats how I would have built it"!! Cant argue with that can you?

PS Not a slipper weekend this time, tho my slippers do have soles that handle going in the garden!

Val said...

Ah, I meant the seat on the wall is a machai, the gate would indeed by a tori (which indicates entering sacred space, is that appropriate LOL)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Val
I hope you are feeling better.

Great weather over the weekend,time to be out and about,before daylight savings finishes Saturday night you gain an extra hour!!

Looks like you have a real handy handyman, who happens to be good cook? wow!. Dont tell me he also follows your same footy team !

Best wishes

Stuart said...

Lindsay, I hope you weren't making a snide comment about the Blues?

Val, great project. It looks fantastic and from the photos very professionally done too.

Great to hear you're back on your feet again, albeit in slippers.

Val said...

This year we have an extra week of daylight savings, have to thank the Commonwealth Games for that. Although has everyone checked the time on their computer? It may be an hour behind!

Yes, the man who cooks is a handyman AND a Carlton supporter! Stu, I didn't think Lindsay was being snide. He was just pointing out all the positive attributes!

Tanya said...

Awwwww, come on... the Commonwealth Games weren't THAT bad, were they? Well, I enjoyed them :)

Sue said...

Sorry you've been feeling off. My husband is a great cook too. We have to vie for space in the kitchen!

Kerri said...

Val, Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. So glad you're up and about, shuffling around in your slippers, and feeling better. I'm always in my slippers in the house.... unless it's too hot, and it's not often too hot here in NY!!
What a great job your #1 cook has done! Those bamboo screens are gorgeous and I love the white pebbles. Looks very inviting. could I come in and have a cup of tea?
Just what most of us have always wanted....a concrete mixer truck. Now there's a really special present! :)