Thursday, August 10, 2006

Further to those bouncing emails

Got this message back from my ISP re some comments bouncing back to you:

Thank you for forwarding in the bounced reply. From your email it appears that the IP address used to send the email has been blocked by Spamcop. I have checked that IP address and it is not within the Netspace IP range but rather an IP address that is used by Yahoo. To have that IP address unblocked by Spamcop you will need to speak with Yahoo and inform them that their IP address has been listed in Spamcop and any emails sent will be subsequently blocked.

Can anyone tell me what Yahoo has to do with it? Blogger is not Yahoo, and at least one of the "bounced" people (e.g. Alice) does not have a Yahoo connection, at least that I can tell. Why wouldn't ALL emails bounce then? And this Spamcop seems to be a bit of a buttinsky (whoa, haven't used that word for a long time). I'd appreciate any enlightenment you might have. Della, YOU might know about this!

I have lowered the level of tolerance of my anti-spam software, so hoping that will help too.


Alice said...

You're right - I have no Yahoo connection. I find ISPs a bit like politicians - always ready to blame someone else.

We'll see what happens to this message.

Wendy A said...

I had to do the same. I lowered my level o tolerance on my anti-spam and spyware. It worked but have to clear my temp files/cookies more often now.

John Cowart said...

Spamcop? Is he one of the Library Police?

Val said...

Strangely enough, I still haven't received email notification that these comments have appeared on my blog (in Alice's case that's almost 2 hours ago).

Wendy, thanks for telling me about the need to clear temp files and cookies.

John, you must be confusing him/her with the Shushcop.

But damn it, where are my notification emails? I might have to get Techie Son to investigate.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Thanks for your comments
about the husband store. Also thanks for your e mail about Carlton. I will answer it tomorrow as I am so tired. It will be
2 am when I get into bed. Have a great Friday Val. Take care,Hugs, Merle.

Sue said...

Well, as I told you last time, my comments are posting, but they are bouncing back to me as spam. My e-mail notification is working very slowly today too.
It's a Blah-grrrrr thing!!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I hope someone can straighten Mr.Spamcop out *LOL*...I know it's not funny and that you would like to receive email notification when you get comments. I'm going back to my email and check to see if this comment bounces back to me.

Granny said...

I have a Yahoo account but the "bounceback" has been to my gmail address.

I use Yahoo only for newspapers and other things like that.

Don't know how to explain what's happening. Let's see if this one does it.

At least the comment posts.

Tammy said...

I have no idea...I'm a blog geek not a tech geek...lmbo!!!

Val said...

I have now written to Blogger about this, hope to get some word soon.

Lee-ann said...

Val, honest I have no idear about these things and cannot help at all. I just know the complications that can come with these things when they are hooked up in our homes. :o)

see you soon.

LZ Blogger said...

On one of my email accounts today I had 13 pieces of email and 155 pieces of SPAM mail (good thing I have a spam filter) SERIOUSLY!... how many offers for drugs and foreign bank / lotteries can you TAKE in one day? ~ jb///

DellaB said...

Val, I certainly know about spamcop. We are always getting calls from people who's mail has been banned by them supposedly for 'spamming'.

It can be very difficult to get it fixed too, sometimes it takes ages.

When a server is using the same IP address (internet location) to send multiple messages from different user-accounts, as with say Blogger and Yahoo - it can take only 1 bad egg spamming or with a virus to have that IP address banned - which then affects all mail sent using that IP address.

Does that make sense?

It certainly raises some interesting questions; I don't believe Blogger uses spamcop, but they might, these spam search companies work on contract for a lot of the ISP's but not all, which is why some mail gets through on spamcops say so, and others don't.

I imagine though, with such big players involved, that it wont take long to get it fixed.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi val
Interested in being tagged ?

Tagging just means doing the same "meme" on your blog, see my blog on books. I thouhty you might be interested, if you are, then just anwer the same quaetions as I did in my last post !! .

Best wishes

Val said...

Della's explanation seems to hold a bit of comfort, and I will keep bombarding Blogger with requests to fix this, and if anyone else feels so inclined, they might put in their two cents worth. Here's the URL (damn hard to find!):

Lindsay, I'll take you up on the tag bit, sight unseen.