Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good bye rainy email

There, I'll bet that had you puzzled. The title is a distillation of 3 topics for today's post, which won't be very long itself. And what better way to brevity than those useful bullet points:

  • Good bye for a few days - we're going to stay at a country resort tonight, then on to our place near Castlemaine. Some of you may have thought I have said good bye to this blog as I don't post so frequently, but...I'm busy doing other things, like teaching myself how to make pop up cards and books. Fun! (See Val's motto in the sidebar)

  • It's raining fairly solidly, let's hope it's getting into the reservoirs and dams.

  • My email has been rejecting notification of your comments, although they still appear on the blog. I may have to switch to another email address if this doesn't get fixed. Sorry if your comments bounce back.

Well, those bullet points weren't so brief after all.


Peter said...

I hope you aren't in hiding after the footy last night... that was as good a game as it gets, no matter who won it, but it was nice that it was the Lions.

Alice said...

No doubt you have already departed but I hope you have a wonderful few days. Been raining here too. Best sound in the world.

Meow said...

Hope you have a great trip.
Looking forward to our get-together on Friday ... you'll be my first blogger "face-to-face" !!! I've heard some great reports on the cafe we will be visiting ... yummy !!
Take care, till Friday, Meow

lindsaylobe said...

Best wishes for your trip and as we speak more rain today, may it continue !!

Sonia said...

I hope you have a great trip!
My best wishes for you!

PEA said...

Love your motto and we should all try to adopt it:-) With the nicer weather finally here, I'm spending less time at the computer...I love blogging but I also love being outside! lol Have a great time at your place in Castlemaine and see you when you get back:-) xoxo

Amrita said...

Enjoy your break. Did you celebrate Australia 's World Cup victory? Here in India we were pretty disappointed at our early dismissal

Cris said...

Have fun! Sometimes my blog notifications do not come through and I am always surprised by new comments .

Granny said...

Have a wonderful time.

That problem with the email seems to be confined to Australia. You, Merle, Peter that I can remember.

Glad you finally have some rain. I've been reading about the drought.

Susie said...

Most of the comments in UK and Australia bounce back to me, but also some of them in the US too. No rhyme or reason..
Have a wonderful time on your getaway.

John Cowart said...

Hi Val,
Thanks for your advice in the comment section of my blog on April 21st, 22 -- Ginny and I followed your advice about a car advocate and it worked fine for us. I wrote about it this morning (May 1) and gave you credit for help from far away. Thanks.

Enjoy your trip to Castlemaine and post again soon.

Kerri said...

I'm so glad you've had some rain Val! I sincerely hope it was enough to help fill the reservoirs and dams.
I've had a few of my comments bounce back recently from your blog. Glad to know you're seeing them though.
Glad you got away for a few days!