Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walk to the local park

Starting out at the driveway, ready to head up the hill.

Many of our street trees are paperbarks.

Here's a closeup.

At the corner, I always stop
to admire the collection of conifers in this garden.

Here's one of the water tanks the council has
started installing and periodically they are filled with recycled water which is trucked in. But why oh WHY didn't they site it near a building to be able to capture rainwater???

A lovely liquid ambar at the start of the walking path which goes around the park. Don't you hate the way they "prune" the trees to accommodate the overhead lines?

A lovely place to sit, with views.


John Cowart said...

Thanks for the tour.
I'd never heard of a paperbark tree before; it has an intriguing texture.

Peter said...

Hi Val, what a lovely walk around the park/area.

Jeanette said...

HI Val, Thanks for the lovely walk I feel i have walked every step with you.Wow what a silly place to install a water tank. "Why" it should be near a building to catch the rain when it finally arrives.
Mine is off the sde of my house.

Susie said...

We have loads of liquid amber trees in our neighborhood, but no paperbark. Loved your views of the city!! We look forward to our walk each day..

Cris said...

Oh Val, you are way ahead of us, recycling water, there is so much waste here, as it is so abundant. Some people are starting to collect rain water for sprinklers in the garden. Your city has a nice initiative.

Sonia said...

Just lovely walk, Val! Greytorn photo is beautiful! This garden is gorgeous. Is it near your neighborhood?

PEA said...

I so enjoyed this walk with you:-) What a lovely idea, to photograph what you see on your walk..I should try that one day!! I was interested in hearing about paperbarks trees...had never heard of those before. Hope your week is going well:-) xoxo

Val said...

Unfortunately we have not started this recycling soon enough. It is a good initiative, except for not having the tanks near buildings! This isn't the only one I've seen out in the middle of nowhere.

The paperbark is truly amazing stuff, it feels so soft, like suede.

Lee-ann said...

Val hi!,

yes you are right everyone an amazing walk and there is nothing like the smell of the trees and the noice the track makes under foot and the sitting and just watching, well that is real special Val I loved your walk very much.

I am pleased you liked Malmsbury and the place around the corner was I believe the two story around the corner was a small shop that sold lollies,soft drinks and ran a fruit and vegetable delivery service around the district and was run by a Stan and Bertha Strong. I think that is the place anyway. The old garage on the highway before you turn on the right was a blacksmiths shop as well.

Our shopping strip at one time had a butchers grocers bakery drapers newsagency Hotel fruit and veg. The shops are very different from when we came.

I worked in the bakery when we first came here but it is a tourist place not for the locals I wouldn't want to pay over three dollars for a lamington I am afraid.

See youa gain real soon.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~Great walk and great photos
Well done.Thanks for your welcome back and for all that barracking last week. I hope we can win on Sunday
against West Coast, but it will be hard at Subiaco. They sure are having some troubles. Hope Nick Srevens is OK as he has been playing well. Glad Brendan played so well and Matt got 3 goals. Take care Val, Love, Merle.

Annette said...

Lovely walk photos...

Paperbark, eh? Can you use the bark to draw or write on? Could it be glued to the outside cover of one of your books?


Stu said...

Great little trip around your neighbourhood Val. I'm just catching my breath - probably should go out walking a little more!!

How cool are Paperbarks? As soon as I saw it I remembered that I was going to find out that "conifer-looking" plant growing in my garden that you enquired about. Apparently it is a relative of the paperbark "Melaleuca incana" to be precise.

Great win on Saturday. Looking forward to more of the same this weekend.

Kerri said...

I really enjoyed seeing your neighborhood Val. It is a shame about the beautiful liquid amber tree being "pruned" that way. It's still lovely, in spite of the bad hair cut.
Is the paperbark a gum? I'm remembering that it is, but not sure if I'm right. Love that bark. It's so pretty.
Your watertank picture isn't showing up.
I keep having to reload pics because mine often disappear. It's very annoying.

"Early Bird" said...

I enjoyed your post and the visit!

Meow said...

You live in a beautiful neighbourhood, Val. Melbourne is a wonderful place to live, don't you think !?!
Looking forward to catching up soon ... will email you shortly.
Take care, Meow