Friday, August 03, 2007

Shared items in Google Reader

Gina asked in her comment about the Shared items feature in my sidebar. This is what I wrote to her, in case other people would like to know too:

The shared link is available when you use GoogleReader (like bloglines, it tells you when someone has posted something new, and has saved me heaps of time). So if you do use GoogleReader, beneath each post that comes up, there are a number of options at the bottom, one of which is “Share”. If you tick that, it becomes part of your Shared Items list. Then click on the Shared Items link at the top left of Google Reader. This will bring up a list of all your shared items (you get to set a maximum number) and then you click on the link “put a clip of your shared items”.

Just follow the instructions from there, easier if you use Blogger as there's a button to add your list to your blog, you can still tweak colors, etc. I hope that's clearer than mud!


Susie said...

I've seen that shared item and wondered how it worked. I'm now using google reader as you suggested and find it much more reliable and user friendly than bloglines. I'll have to give the shared item feature a try as there are lots of good posts out there!!

PEA said...

Hi Val, thanks so much for explaining about the shared items in Google Reader!! I just read your email (I know, I should check my emails more often! lol) and will answer you right after I post this comment! xox

jellyhead said...

Now how come I am younger than you but MUCH, MUCH less IT savvy?! (Guess it's at least partly because I am so USELESS when it comes to any of this stuff!)

I have no idea how to get *anything* into my sidebar. I suppose it involves writing complicated HTML? Aggh. One day I will figure some of this stuff out!

T*mmy said...

Hmmm...I've always used Bloglines but they have their bad days just like Blogger...keep us informed how this works for ya!