Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm in Albury, NSW!

Got here yesterday by train, with the main goal in mind to visit the new Library Museum and see a special book artists' exhibition. When I arrived at the Library Museum this morning at 9.30, a half hour before opening time, there were already some people waiting to get in. By the time the doors opened, there was a veritable charge of all manner of eager library users / museum visitors towards the doors. What a great sight: mothers with babies in pushers, oldies, young people, a group of international visitors, even some larrikin types. Overheard one of them say to another that he was here every other day.

There must have been a number of things to attract all those different types, but I was practically alone in the book artists' exhibition. But what a feast for the eyes, I don't know if I'm going to have time to visit much else before I go back to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon. It is the most wonderful exhibition, and well worth the trip to Albury. The library itself is light and airy, and even allows visitors to the city to use the internet for an hour. Hence, this post which I thought would have to wait until I got home.

I will try to get to visit the art gallery and botanical gardens, but that exhibition is calling me back for another look.


Susie said...

Looking forward to pictures of your train trip. The exhibition sounds interesting with the 3D sculptures

Diane J. said...

Sounds wonderful, Val. Now I'd have to visit those gardens for sure even if I had to give the art exhibit a miss.

Safe journey home, and hope you have some pics for us when you get rested.

Love and hugs,


Alice said...

Most provincial cities take a real pride in their amenities and attractions and it's such a pleasure to visit. I haven't seen much of Albury in recent years apart from the botanic gardens and the hockey fields, and I may see even less now that the Hume Highway bypass has opened (which is wonderful) but now we'll have to make a decision to actually go into the city, which can't be bad thing.

Glad you are having/had such a wonderful time and well worth the trip. But then, you loved the train trip too, I'm sure.

Rebecca said...

A light and airy gallery......reminds me of the Van Gogh Museaum in Amsterdam (the newer one) what a differnece that makes to the eye

Val said...

I'm back at the library museum after lunch in the botanical gardens, a walk along the Murray River, a look in at the art gallery, and a refreshing iced coffee. Now I discover that the library museum even offers free lockers to store your stuff in. What service!

catsmum said...

I see you're reading Snow Flowers. It's on my 'to read' list.
Currently reading 'Bound feet and Western Dress' by Pang-Mei Natasha Chang. Fascinating.
I can't believe neither of us thought to get photos last weekend :[

Val said...

I'm reading Snow Flowers too, (tho its not shown on my blog sidebar yet).

Sounds like an amazing place, Val - lockers?! Whatever next! Lovely to see you enjoying all that freedom (I am typing this, shackled to my desk!)

John Cowart said...

I see from the link that visitors are allowed to make their own books in the exhibition space, Did you create one of yours while there?

PEA said...

Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself over there:-) I know how much joy you find in books so that exhibition is right up your alley! Looking forward to hearing all about it! xox

Annette said...

What a nifty exhibition to have access to. The top floor of Portland's main library has exhibits that change now and then. One had correspondence from authors, one was different kinds of glass, one the same story in every edition they could find in all the languages they could find. Very interesting.


Jeanette said...

Hi Val, Pleased to hear your enjoying your trip along with the book exhibition. If I had known I could have met you in Albury for a bite to eat about 1hr fom me. and were passing each other again il going to Melbourne Friday and back home Saturday morning
My computer has crashed hence the trip to Melbourne im doing this from a very old slow puter, I dont think ill be able to blog from this computer as I said soooooooooo slow, besides that I cant get to my files are and Im hoping like hell my work can be saved.. Take care hope to catch up with you one day....Jen

Kerri said...

Well, you are having fun, aren't you? Interesting that there were so many different types of people at the Library Museum.
I can imagine how fascinating the book artists' exhibition was for you. Glad you also managed to sqeeze in the Botanical Gardens and Art Gallery.
Wow, lockers! They've thought of everything at that library museum.
Glad you're still exulting Val :)