Wednesday, December 29, 2004

2004: summing up

This was an incredibly eventful year for us. The first half of the year we spent much time and energy in getting our house and garden back together after the flood of December 2003. However, it is now looking better than ever and the experience made us aware that we had huge reserves of resiliance and positive attitudes. Up until recently I would have written "disastrous flood", but the tsunamis that have hit Asia a couple of days ago have put that into perspective.

Our sons are now young men, the oldest having completed his first year at university and bought himself a car, and the youngest graduated from high school quite spectacularly with a score of 99.35.

I received an award from the Deafness Foundation for outstanding service to the hearing impaired, and have been feted in a number of university publications.

Mel is still employed at Kodak, which is no mean feat as the entire manufacturing plant and research lab in Melbourne have been shut down.

After only 10 years we have paid off the loan on our house, which we celebrated in style with a dinner at the Mecca Bah in New Quay.

Roll on, 2005!

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