Saturday, December 25, 2004

Bah humbug!

It's Christmas Day, and I have achieved my goal of not going near a shopping mall for the past six weeks, and have also managed to avoid hearing those dreary sounding Christmas carols. Musically the most boring, mind-numbing ditties. And the words: "Peace on earth, good will towards men" - yeah, right.

However, we will be enjoying our time together as a family, giving thanks to the food gods and happy to be their earthly worshippers.

So what's on the menu at the Forbes' household this year? For starters, smoked salmon and cucumber salad with fresh baked rolls, followed by roast pork, a yummy red cabbage dish, and stuffed baked potatoes. Dessert will be chocolate babka. The recipe for the red cabbage can be found at Val's kitchen web page
as well as a couple of other recipes. (New Year's resolution: must add to that page)

Enjoy the day!

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