Friday, October 20, 2006

Friends across distance and time

Yesterday and today were important milestones in communicating with old and new friends.

Yesterday I met up with a woman I had been friends with in high school and had not seen since graduating in 1963. I had tried to find her on the internet a couple of times over the years, but only found her last year through a web page associated with her place of employment. We started corresponding, and when my plans for a visit to the U.S. were firming up, we made plans to meet. Laurie drove 4 hours to meet me and yesterday was the day! We had a long lunch, with lots of talking, with more emphasis on what we'd been doing since graduation than reminiscing about our high school years. I took that as a healthy sign of where we're at, and it was a thoroughly relaxed and enjoyable time together.

Today I had my first blogger buddy phone call. Sue lives 15 hours' flight time from where I live, but when we started talking it was like (warning: cliche coming up) we had known each other for years. I am not one for long phone calls usually but we would have talked for about 40 minutes. I could picture her face when talking to her, was happy to hear that her hubby has recovered so well from his op, and knew that when we had to end the call and I looked at my watch that, yep, she needed to pick up the grandkids. Our blogs let us share the little things in life and feel, as Sue put it, the "connection".

Long live the internet!


Sue said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed hearing your voice and chatting!
It was easy and relaxed just like talking to a good friend, which is exactly how I think of you!
Sorry I had to run off, but I know you understood!

Sonia said...

Wow, that's great! How nice that you and Susie can chatting together!

Robert said...

Yes, the internet has been a great boon to communication. I used to think of Val on and off over the years, and regret that I'd never see her again. However, after a few "google" searches, the next thing you know, I found her!

Meow said...

The internet opens all these new doors for lots of people .. it is an amazing place.
Glad you are having a wonderful time OS ... when are you due back ??
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Val said...

Just left a comment on Sue's blog. So great to see all those Innovative Interface's places I have only heard of in emails. Good old Millennium. To see a photo of Marin County in the distance, and old those places - could nearly see Emeryville where they are based. Yet another wonderful shimmering link in the internet chain! Glad she climbed that hill!

Jeanette said...

G'Day Val
The internet is a wonderful
communication tool to the World.
So nice you could catch up with an old school mate and a lot of reminiscing im sure. And how lovely to have a chat with Sue.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The internet is a wonderful tool for making connections that we would have never dreamed of years ago. I'm glad that you got to talk with Sue...that must have been wonderful for both of you.

purchasewoods said...

There is a warm feeling of true friendship that comes when we connect on another level with our blogger friends. I have loved every phone conversation I have had with blogger friends.

The feeling of reconnecting with old friends that you have been out of face-to-face contact with is out of this world.

Sounds like you are still having a ball.

Stay well,


Kerri said...

How nice Val, that you and Sue had a chat. We really do get to know one another well it seems, through our blogs.
I haven't forgotten you. Only just getting my voice back now. I've never had such a long bout of laryngitis before. Will be e-mailing you soon!
Glad you had such a nice time with your high school friend.
Yes, the Internet is a wonderful thing :)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Another example of marvellous internet connections.
Best wishes

Granny said...

Sue and I are almost neighbors. How neat for you to talk to her.

I had a call from a Canadian friend yesterday. Sometimes it's so nice to have a voice to go with the written words.