Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hubby and MIL are on their way back to OZ...

...sniff! I'm feeling a bit lost. It was so much fun, and I will eventually get around to posting about it, as well as making a slideshow. We had the most wonderful weather, saw so many things, ATE SO MUCH! In fact, I'm now off to do a walk with my brother to work off some of the calories.

Thanks to everyone who has looked in at my blog and commented. I was feeling quite cut off from my blogger buddies but will now have better access to the internet, now that I'm staying at my parents' place. I'll catch up eventually!


Tammy said...

Glad to have you back dear Val!!
I know you had a wonderful time and will have lots of good things to share with us...I've had to take a job in order to help out during my husband's companies strike...so I may not be by as often but will get by as often as I can!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Val...I know it's sad to part with the MWC & MIL but it must also be an exciting time for you to remain a while longer. Are you going to have to make the trip back to OZ by yourself?

I'm glad that you will be able to keep in touch more often now. We've missed you!!

Have fun,

Kerri said...

So sad that your hubby and MIL had to go back home, but I know you'll have a lovely time with your parents. They must absolutely love having you around. I know how my mum and dad felt about the trips I made back to Australia, or the 2 trips Mum made over here. Apart from the 3.5 years we lived in Australia, from 1979 until 1983, we only saw each other a few times. I hope none of my children ever moves overseas. I'd miss them SO much!
I know you'll make the most of it, and have a wonderful time Val!

Annette said...

I am so glad you are still here. It was fun to talk even a few minutes with your MIL the other day. I hope plans work out as you want them to.


PEA said...

I can imagine how lost you feel without your hubby and MIL right now but it won't take you long, you'll be having a fun time on your own:-)

Val said...

Swings and roundabouts! Feeling lost without Hubby and MIL but more in touch with blogger buddies! I hope to hear about your parents place too. Missed you.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val
it wont be long when you are back with Hubby and Mil .Have a great time with your Parents look foward to hearing about your trip
Take care.

Val said...

Tammy, I hope all goes well with your job and your hubby's job situation.

Sandy, yes I'll travel back to Australia by myself but I've always enjoyed the travel part on my own.

Kerri, we told Techie Son, who will be studying at Berkeley next year, that he's welcome to find a girlfriend there, but if it's serious, she has to come back to Australia!

Annette, Pea, Val and Jeanette, it's like an entirely different holiday for me now, and I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things soon. And everybody, I'm going to be flying to Washington to visit Annette soon, seeing her for the first time in more than 30 years!!

It's nice to be missed.

Robert said...

I hope you have a great trip to Washington. Annette is a treasure. I can honestly say she is one of the finest people I've ever known, and I envy you getting to meet her husband and daughter.

purchasewoods said...

Sounds like it all went well and there should be some really good stories. Glad you traveled safely.