Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A MIL story

It was such a wrench seeing the MWC and MIL drive off yesterday (in addition to worrying about them finding their way across the Bay Bridge and to the airport - the MWC does NOT have a sense of direction!). They are both such good companions and I think we made a jolly threesome.

MIL is really amazing for her 84 years, she is very outward-looking, interested in other people and places, and is especially interested in history. It's so easy to have conversations with her as she's always interested in what other people have to say as well as being able to tell a good story herself.

I have to tell one MIL story now, it became our theme for the rest of our trip together. Last Friday night we decided to go to Nob Hill to a couple of the fancy hotels for drinks and then dinner. Started at the Mark Hopkins Hotel and went to their bar "Top of the Mark" which has the most superb views of the city. MIL wanted to try a different cocktail from her usual gin and tonic, and she rather fancied the one with gin AND vodka, garnished with berries. But it was the name that was the decider: it was called The Hanky Panky. We had a bit of a giggle about this, especially when ordering it from the waiter. It turned out to be delicious, according to MIL, and had rather an impact on her. So when we started talking about where we were going to go for dinner, we were considering a few places at the Fairmont Hotel, just across the street. At this point, the MWC came up with a statement that was rather ordinary ("Well they're sure to have at least a very nice coffee shop"), at which MIL and I looked aghast. But MIL indignantly said "After having a hanky panky I'm NOT going to any bloody coffee shop!!" This tickled us no end, and of course we did not eat in a coffee shop but in a very nice restaurant in the sumptuously restored Fairmont Hotel. I may go back to try a hanky panky myself, but it just wouldn't be the same without MIL and the MWC.

The two weeks away together were such a success that we've planning another trip soon, but not traveling so far! We're thinking about Tasmania or New Zealand when it gets warmer.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

"After having a hanky panky I'm NOT going to any bloody coffee shop!!"

I really love that line and your MIL sounds like a real character. She must be so pleasant to be around.

PEA said...

What a delightful character your MIL 84 I hope I'm still drinking Hanky Pankys!! lol Bless her heart, may she never grow old!!

Annette said...

I am so glad you get along with your MIL and can travel with her. She is adventurous to go all the way from Australia to the US at the age of 84.


Alice said...

Val - your MIL sounds like a real tonic, either with or without the gin.

So glad you've had a wonderful time together. It sounds like everything came together to make this a holiday to set the standard for all future holidays.

Relax and enjoy the time with your family now. Perhaps you may even be able to collect a few anecdotes for a 'life story'?

Sue said...

Hi Val,
I was so sorry to miss your call. If you email me with a good time and number, I'll call you this time. So glad you've been having a fantastic time. Our California weather has been really nice, hasn't it?

Robert said...

That's a great story about your MIL. I'm so glad she had a nice trip here, and that you all 3 get along so well. I hope they have a good trip back to Aussieland. And a trip with the 3 of you to NZ or Tasmania sounds great!

DellaB said...

good to hear things are going so well, real friendships do survive time and distance, don't they...

Jeanette said...

Hi Val
Your Mil sounds like shes full of fun and enjoying every minute No Gin and tonic a hanky panky instead hahaha Just gorgious. Reminded me of something my Mum would Do Have fun.
Take Care

Kerri said...

How lovely to have such a good relationship with your MIL. She sounds like a lady who loves to live. My my, hanky panky at her age :) She's an adventurous soul :)
Glad you had such a wonderful time with her and the MWC.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of your holiday. Hope the weather continues to be warm for you.

LittleJen said...

WOW at the age of 84 good on her, If I ever make it that far would love to be that mobile.

purchasewoods said...

What wonderful memories you will have of your trip. NEver had a hanky panky but it sounds liek I should.

You have two great choices for your next trip!

Best, L

Gwen said...

Hi Val,,,Your MIL sounds like a great lady,and at 84yrs young she
is not singing "MEMORIES"but still
living them.
OH to be "84"Ha!HA!

Stuart said...

Great story Val. Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip and I'm glad you're still able to update your blog as you travel around.

Your MIL sounds like a wonderful lady.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Val
Great story of your sprightly 84 year old MIL. I have my last trip to NZ on my blog, all of the places to see, accommodation etc for you to check out if it it’s of interest on your return. Good to see you are enjoying yourself.