Thursday, February 15, 2007

Am I the last to know?

I was just fiddling around with the posts via the dashboard (yes I know I should be working on getting a "real" post together), and I accidentally clicked on the little arrow (>) next to the post title, rather than View. The latter may take a while to open and it will open yet another browser window. However, you usually want to just have a quick look at the contents of a post before you apply a label or do an edit. Well that little arrow (>) will expand the post entry, without photos, to just the text. It's quick and no extra browser window is opened.

Everyone has probably figured that out long ago, but just in case you hadn't...


Stuart said...

Val, you'll become a bona fide consultant on Blogger soon! Helpful hint, I'm sure...

BTW - Are you happy about Pratt?

PEA said...

I found that out by accident the other day! lol Happy Valentine's Day dear Val! Hugs xox

Val said...

I am VERY happy about Pratt being the new prez of Carlton!

I wonder how many other things we don’t know about the new Blogger?

Oh, and thanks for the cute Valentine’s card! Hope your Valentine’s Day was good too. Sorry, haven’t been around to many blogs today, I have just been too busy fiddling with new Blogger…


lindsaylobe said...

Val, your blog looks good with the new labels and layout.

Best wishes

Jeanette said...

hi Val thanks for the helpfull hints

Kerri said...

I didn't know that Val (so no, you're not the last to know!). Thanks! I haven't catagorized my older posts yet. Guess I'll have to get it done one of these days.

LittleJen said...

will pop that in the memory bank for next time..
have a great week

DellaB said...

umm .. I think I'll be the last diehard - they tried to force me to move the other day, but I beat them..

What happened was, I started a new blog [in beta] for a new project I am working on - I signed up a new google account and used different details, like email address etc., so I thought I could log in to one or the other as I chose.

Anyway, when I logged out of the new one, and tried to log back into the old one, the only choice I was offered was to upgrade NOW!

But I didn't, I am really not ready yet - and I have the new one to play with till I am happy; so I just turned off the compter, restarted and tried again - this time it let me carry on and log into the old one, where I still am.

So ... but your looks really good Val, and it sounds like you are coming to terms with it - it even sounds better ..

Val said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone, and glad you might find this useful to know.

Wow, Della, you’re even more stubborn than I am! I didn’t go so far as restarting the computer, only closing the browser session. Looks like I didn’t carry it far enough.

Please let us know how long it is before you have to make the final switch!

Lee-ann said...

Val, Hello! from this hot part of Victoria.

nope! I didn't know that either will go take a look now.

are you getting ready for the footy season? it is on its way our son in law is back working the Carlton boys in the gym.

have a great day.