Saturday, February 24, 2007


Cris, in a comment on my last post, so kindly said my handwriting is "great". I however was appalled to see it when enlarged - it looks to me like a child wrote it. BUT, at least I can still use pen and paper. After years of using a computer I found that I was getting quite rusty at writing until I started learning Greek and had to make notes, and keeping a diary/journal has also helped.

There is one interesting and rather disturbing thing I've noticed about people who have grown up in the computer age. Good examples are my two sons, who went to a school where there was a computer in the room when they first started school, and access to computers increased rapidly after that. They, like many of their contemporaries, cannot write cursive/running writing/linked writing, whatever you want to call it. They PRINT everything, and I also noticed this when I worked with students at the reference desk in the university library. I know for a fact that my sons were taught how to write in school but there was an ever increasing requirement for them to hand in work that had been typed up on a computer.

Has anyone else noticed this, or does this not happen elsewhere? I wonder: what do they do when they have to sign important documents, like when they get a loan, buy a house, etc? Their "signatures" are just printed...


Susie said...

I was just having this conversation with my two grandsons yesterday! "D", who is eight, is chomping at the bit to write cursive.
"N" (nearly 14) is forced to write cursive for all classwork. They can use a computer for book reports, etc, but NO printing on any work.
They are graded on their report cards in handwriting (cursive) from 3rd to 8th grade.. (parochial school)

DellaB said...

so true ... I had to do a 2-hour handwritten exam for a course I was studying, and it nearly killed me!

Val, your Diary looks lovely... I haven't tried to read it yet.

DellaB said...

I am back .. yes I could read the pages, the single page much better than the double.

Val, I can see just from these few pages, why you love to travel and visit places - you really 'see' things... don't you...

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Wow!! We won!! Did you go to see Carlton win their first game in the NAB Cup. I watched and enjoyed it, although we should have won by more.Marc Murphy is great and lots of others, Houlihan was good and I was so pleased (and not surprised) that Matty got that last goal. Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the Reading Mother and the Retardment thing. Take care Val and keep them winning please !! Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val
all my grandkids seem to use printscript. and they all know how to use a computer.
Thanks for your visit I do have a pool blanket and took a photo of the ducks landing on it lol will post it soon.

Cris said...

Val, I was surprised that my comment came to your attention and brought up this nice discussion. I believe the only handwriting I do now is for my grocery list! And I insist to keep my messy address book full of old and new phone numbers and addresses, did not adapt to p*alm. With credit cards and pin numbers we hardly have to write a check! My older boy (I have 3 boys!) is on 4th grade and he has Computer class once a week, but is only allowed to use cursive at school and for homework. Do they still teach shorthand at school?

Tanya said...

I agree. I've noticed younger people in my office print everything - and it can take SO LONG. Of course, typing is faster than any type of handwriting, but printing is painfully slow. And spelling is another of my gripes. Since the arrival of spellcheck, nobody bothers to learn how to spell even basic words.

Okay, my rant is over...

Hope your dad made it back home alright.

Annette said...


My daughter has the same problem, but since she plans to go onstage, she has spent many, many hours practising her signature. Hers is a mixture of printing and script.


Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ I am still enjoying the win and hope it is the first of MANY. They did sloww down in the second half which is a worry.
Lots of friends and family send me jokes, and I always seem to have plenty with bits from the papers etc.
Take care Val, C'arn the Blues.
Love, Merle.

John Cowart said...

Hi Val,
I just checked the link you asked about on your sidebar and it worked fine, going right where it was supposed to? Maybe that link to zack was a temporary glitch?

Val said...

Interesting comments, everyone, and I'm not surprised we're all seeing this phenomenon in different parts of the world.

Cris mentioned shorthand - I don't think that is taught in Australia, is it taught anywhere these days? I was astounded to see a new staff member last year taking the minutes in shorthand!

Tanya, Techie Son realised he needed to start writing cursive so he could take lots of notes at uni, he too complained that printed was way too slow. I don't think he's managed to convert yet.

Alice said...

Great post about handwriting, which always me. Not only do many people print instead of write, they hold the pen in the most horrendous manner, certainly not conducive to neat or lengthy writing sessions.

I used to be an Invigilator for university exams and I'd sit there and watch students almost in agony at the end of a three-hour exam because they weren't used to writing so much. Then I'd collect the exam papers and pity the person who had to decipher the writing to mark it.

I have on occasion been known to collect samples of handwriting that impressed me. How come all diaries and ships' logs were so beautifully scripted years ago?

An amusing incident happened on the morning of Shelly's wedding. Russell (then 21) was to be Best Man. He disappeared for a while during the morning and we found him in the bedroom practising his signature - he didn't think he'd even had to sign his name before that.