Monday, February 12, 2007

Good instructions for applying labels

I see that like me, a number of you have been putting off the inevitable (switching to new Blogger) - well we hung on as long as we could! I wonder how many people there were left at the end?

And now there's the question of taking advantage of some of the new features. One of those features is applying labels. Not everyone wants to do that; some of you may want to but think that the only way to do that is to go through each and every post and apply the labels individually. That would be tedious! Sue has sent me the link to Zoey's instructions on a MUCH EASIER way to do this, and it works a treat. Click on the title link above - she's even got screen dumps to make the job easier!


Val said...

Ooooh thanks for that, copied and pasted! One has to feed one's librarian's habits haha. Its good to have a nicely catalogued and orderly blog!

Your new layout looks good to me. I pressed the new blogger button a week or so ago, but have had no time to post since!

Alice said...

Eureka - I'm actually reading AND commenting on a few blogs tonight. Seems we've all done the big switch now.

Can I ask a stupid question? I see that one can add labels, but I'm not sure of the benefits. How will it assist me or other readers? This is a genuine question, I'm not being facetious.

Glad things are going well, Val.

Alice said...

Actually, now that I've been reading a few more blogs I can see the value of labels as it gives a quick peek into what is contained in that posting.

Gee whiz, I'm learning fast !!!!!!

Val said...

Well, as you might guess from The Other Val's comment, it might be a librarian-type weirdness to want to put things in categories. In my case, it appealed to my computer freak self to be able to make it work (been there, done that, kind of mentality).

But a very good question about what help it gives and to whom. If you had read something I posted about food and wanted to read what else I'd written about that, you could click on the label for that blog and you would get a list of my posts that also dealt with food. Or you might want to look up what you had posted about the family, or a particular family member. The next step of course is to have the categories listed in a column, which also would give an indication of the type of topics your blog covers, especially to a new reader. There are probably other reasons to give labels, but I don't think it's essential, it could be something you are not at all interested in doing, and you could save yourself a heap of time! You could achieve similar results by using the 'search' option in a blog, although this would not necessarily give you all the results, depending on what word(s) you searched and what word(s) the blogger used. Oh! I feel an attack of librarian-ness coming on!

Val said...

Oh blast! Alice, your last comment came through as I was adding my long-winded two cents!

Susie said...

Glad you found Zoey's tutorial useful. I never mind finding an easier way to do things! Thanks for the link! :)

Granny said...

Thanks you two. I'm posting the link for anyone who might be pulling out their hair as I was.

Kerri said...

I saw Zoey's helpful post last night when I was too tired to make use of it. I need to go back and reread it so I can take advantage of her "easy instructions". Like Sue, I think the labels are a great idea. For one thing it'll be much easier to find an old post if I want to.
We all seem to be having the same problems leaving comments...having to do the word verification and password several times. It's also annoying that the username doesn't autofill the way it used to. I hope all these little annoyances will be straightened out soon.