Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blogger Buddy!

Today the State Library of Victoria would have been activating its "shush" machines when Frances and I met there and had a 3 hour marathon chin wag. I don't think we stopped talking except briefly when having afternoon tea at Mr Tulk's, the library's conveniently located cafe.

Talking may have also accounted for us having a temporary delay in the lift when we went to view the domed reading room from the upper levels - I think we were too busy talking to notice that the lift doors had opened and closed behind us. And there we were wondering why the doors weren't opening and we were going nowhere.

Eventually we were thrown out of the exhibition area (well, it was closing at 5 p.m. and we were asked politely), so we went back downstairs and sat down in some comfy chairs and talked some more. How much fun that was, and we're looking forward to meeting up again, next time in Canberra.

Here is a photo that shows us sitting "like schoolgirls" (Frances' words) in the library.


jellyhead said...

You got to meet 'Alice'??! I'm jealous!

Glad you both had such a good time!

lindsaylobe said...

What a wonderful opportunity to meet a blogging buddy. When I retire the State Library will become I think a regular place for me to visit, and I would be happy to shout you and the man who cooks a cup of tea or coffee or cake or lunch. As a librarian I am also sure you can provide me with some useful tips on accessing information!!

Best wishes to both of you!!

Cris said...

I could be there all day, it looks like a beautiful place!

Kerri said...

Oh you lucky ducks!!! You know how envious I am, don't you?
How wonderful for you two to spend several hours chin-wagging...and in such a lovely setting.
I'll bet you felt as if you'd known each other for ages.
I'm so happy that you were able to get to know one another person. Lucky, lucky, lucky! xoxox

meggie said...

How lovely for both of you! You look so happy, it is a lovely pic.

PEA said...

Oh how wonderful for both of you!! It's so exciting to meet someone in person after having "known" them online:-) Love that picture of the both of you!! xox

Alice said...

Gosh, that Val can talk! Still, I guess it takes two to have a conversation so I must have contributed my

Actually it was a wonderful afternoon. Having met at 3.00pm, I was astonished to realise that it was almost 6.30pm when I caught the train to my sister's place.

Thanks Val, for a great time and for introducing me to the magnificent State Library. An absolute must for a longer visit some time.

Hope you have a terrific weekend.

Val said...

Lovely to see a photo of two entertaining blog writers together. I would have loved to join in the chat, AND in a library too.

and people think librarians are quiet?!!!!

Susie said...

What fun for you to meet! I'm not surprised you could chat for hours :)
I think blogging has helped lay the groundwork for great friendships!

Meow said...

How wonderful, Val, to meet a blogging buddy. I hope to do this someday, too ... we must catch up for coffee one day !!
Glad it was so much fun
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I agree with Susie...I think that blogging has laid the groundwork for such good friendships that by the time we meet in person we already know so much about each other.

Kali said...

take two...

You and Alice met?!
Gosh, two of my favourite blogging girls, sounds wonderful.
I'm not surprised you both had so much to talk about.
Great pic, btw.

p.s. Love your jacket in your profile pic Val.
Hope you have a great weekend! :)