Friday, March 09, 2007

Long weekend coming up

We're leaving for the country late this afternoon, with a stop in Kyneton for dinner. Then on to our place near Castlemaine. The only downside is we have to be very careful driving after dark because the kangaroos choose that time to come out and play tag with any passing cars.

It's a long weekend so we won't be coming back until Monday. What is Monday? It's Labour Day here in Victoria, which almost everyone has off. Not so, however, some workplaces, such as universities. There it's business as usual, or rather, busier than usual, when I would have been flat out giving tours, lectures, teaching students to use reputable online resources (NOT wikipedia!), and barely have time to turn around. I however will not be there, because.....
well, you know the answer!

Tomorrow, if all goes to plan, I will be appearing as guest blogger on Stu's Gardening Tips 'n Ideas. So do pay his blog a visit!


PEA said...

You have to watch the kangaroos after dark...we have to watch moose! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend away:-) xox

Jeanette said...

HI Val. Have a great weekend and watch out for the Kangaroos,
I will blog the ducks on the pool cover soon. I haven't got your email address so couldn't send to you.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ I hope you have a great weekend at Castlemaine, highlighted by the Blues win on Sat.night !!
Congrats on being selected as guest writer on Stuart's blog. Will look forward to reading it. Thanks for your visit. I had 2 boys and then 2 girls, but never had any problems with either sex. That was before the days of the world going haywire. Have
fun Val, Love, Merle.

Tammy said...

The kangaroo's sound like they can be as big a nuisance as the American deer...they can jump up so unexpectatly!!

Kerri said...

Oh yes, we have deer to watch out for, day and night. I hope you have safe travel and a wonderful weekend Val, and that your beloved Blues win their game!
I'm looking forward to reading you on Stuart's blog!! Thanks for reading my post and leaving a nice comment. I'm thinking now that my memory probably exagerated those 6ft fuchsias. Maybe if the draping branches were held upright they might be 6ft long :) They were a pretty good height though. Lovely!

DellaB said...

I cannot imagine having to watch out for deer and moose! How fascinating...

Just came in to say

Granny said...

With us it's the deer too. We're a little south for moose and a kangaroo in this area would be very confused.

Lately we've had a run of smaller animals littering the roadways. Skunks mostly but also an occasional opossum (our only marsupial). It's breeding season and the males have substituted testosterone for brains.

Peter said...

Carn the Lions!!!!!!
Hope you have a good weekend (don't forget the aerogaurd.

Lee-ann said...

Val, would you believe the traffic is bumper to bumper going pst very slow now past our place from taradale. :o)

Now you should have stopped for breakfast we were just sitting down at 10.30 to scrambled eggs and muffins. and lots of coffee.

glad you had a nice time I was in Castlemaine yesterday looking after a shop that was open and there was no one else to look after it so I was volunteered to do it o! well it was fun.

one day I will give you are phone number and you must let us know when you are next in Kyneton for dinner.

Merle said...

Hi again Val ~~ I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and had a fun time.
I agree with you, it was so good to see the boys come back from so far behind. Terrific, as that didn't happen last year. Hope we can beat Brisbane, my brother's team. We could come to blows as he is due here soon. Did you read Lee's comment above about knowing Jezza ?
Take care, Val, Love Merle.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Val ~~ I should imagine Castlemaine is suffering badly from the drought.

An excellent article you wrote posted at Gardening tips and Ideas.

We Melbournians are aware of our reduced water storage levels at around 33%, and I was interested to hear about your water harvesting ideas.

One aspect of concern I think (I had reason to warn my daughter who had hooked up washing water to the garden) is the divergence of water from washing machines to plants in the garden without provision of a fully fledged filtering device.

I think this will cause problems even with the use of the more friendly detergents or soap powders.

Best wishes