Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Craft room

Hey Techie Son! Look at your room! Look at your desk!

Oh, and that's NOT a box of Red Tulip chocolates on the desk - it's filled with MIL's embroidery threads that she gave me - every color of the rainbow, great for sewing books together.

Look who's sitting in your oh so comfy armchair!

I've been making more books in my craft room.

Coptic stitching with slip case

Two accordion books


jellyhead said...

Those books are gorgeous - my favourite is the blue one - beautiful colour and pattern, and does it have a textured surface?

And Val, have you gone blonde?! Or is it just the lighting? Whatever the case, you are looking gorgeous, too!

Cris said...

What a sunny craft room! I love your picture, you look so serene. Thanks so much for the spiced shortbread recipe. I will make it soon for a small group meeting at our house. Take care.

Joan said...

As a former librarian, I just love your handmade books. It makes me want to run out to the crafts store but then I wouldn't know what to buy or what to do. Ah...the story of my life.

PEA said...

Oh Val...lol...that's telling your son what you did with his room! hehe What a great craft room you've turned it into...has he reacted yet?? lol My boys were devastated when I changed their bedrooms into a guest room and computer room! lol xox

Alice said...

You looked so relaxed, Val, that I'm surprised you are still awake. Lovely photos and good to see you've spread your crafting wings a little. There will be no stopping you now.

Such a showoff with your natural 'tips'....lol.

Kerri said...

You'll miss that crafting space when techie son comes back! That's a great photo of you. I'm envious of the comfy chair. Need to put one on my wish list!
Your books are so pretty.