Sunday, October 14, 2007

Victorian Seniors Festival Week

...and oh what a week it was. There's a substantial book filled with various events free or low cost to seniors, right around the state, offering something of interest to everyone. It'll take me a while to get through all the things I was interested in, but managed to get to a few events this week.

One of the best things about Seniors Week is that public transport throughout Victoria is free for seniors, so on Tuesday I decided to do a train trip and went down to Geelong for a few hours. There were lots of seniors on board, we all just flashed our seniors cards at the conductor - oldie power! On the journey home, I had a nice little snooze, the kind where you don't really fall asleep, but just close your eyes occasionally. So I feel fairly confident that I did NOT snore, unlike the senior lady across the aisle who woke herself up with a snore, and then she laughed at herself.

On Wednesday I drove up to the Dandenongs to see a house built from flattened kerosene tins. A returned soldier after World War One lived there with his two sisters for about 20 years. It would not have been an easy life but they made things as comfortable as they could. The water for the bath was heated up by pipes connected to the fireplace. Since I had driven so far I decided to look at the National Rhododendron Gardens, but as so often happens to me in the Dandenongs, I missed the turnoff (or more likely, the sign was missing at an intersection), and wound up at the Nicholas Gardens instead. Never mind - these gardens are beautiful, although needing restoration, and mid week they were quiet.On Thursday I did a tour of one of Melbourne's oldest cemeteries, the St Kilda cemetery. This is just down the road from MIL, so I stopped in for a chat afterwards.

On Friday, after going to a rather disappointing paper craft exhibition, I went on a tour of the Capitol Theatre, a cinema designed by Walter Burley Griffin and his wife Marion in the early 1920s . It was fascinating to see, even though changes have been made over the years, but at least it wasn't demolished completely. The best thing was the ceiling, which this photo doesn't do justice to. Originally there was seating for 2100! That has been reduced to about 550, the lower level was demolished to create a shopping arcade. More info and photos, if you're interested, here.
Today we drove to Black Rock, a beachside suburb, to tour an old house that was used as a summer house by wealthy people in the 19th century. I would have never known about this if it were not for it being mentioned in the Seniors Week book. The Minister for Senior Victorians (yes, there is such a government official) is going to get a big thank you from me.


Susie said...

Sounds like a full week of fun activities! Is it just during senior week that they offer free public transportation?

jellyhead said...

Noooooo, Val, you can't possibly be a senior! You are only about 27 at heart!

Glad you had an interesting week exploring and sight-seeing.

Annette said...

The acoustics must be astonishing in that theater. I remember seeing the quiet room at UC Berkeley. It was so quiet with acoustical tiles sticking out from the wall that it absorbed almost all the sound. This place looks like it would reflect everything so all could hear!


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Val.
Sounds like you had a great week
I am having been somewhat tardy in relation to applying for a senior’s card but to my delight it arrived to day in the mail. I have managed a number of entries in that "Retirement Book" , one that may be of interest was lunch last Friday at Gulf Station in Yarra Glen (Free entry for seniors) whereas a group of us shared a lunch and walk around the farm and homestead.
Best wishes

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Sounds like you have had a really good week visiting lots of places. All very interesting.
I went to the Gulf Station at Yarra Glen when I was a child to a Garden party or something similar. Thanks for your visit and we must not puy off the things we mean to do !!
Take care, Love, Merle.

T*mmy said...

While out with the Red Hats the other day seeing a Senior Discount on the menu sent them all into quite a!

Gladd you had a good time1

John Cowart said...

Hi Val,
You make retirement sound so attractive and exciting. I liked your photo of Nicholas Gardens best...
Alas, if I were to retire, I'd have to build a house out of flattened Span cans. I envy you.

Sandy said...

My, what a full week you had. It sounded very interesting though. I'll have to check if there is anything for seniors here as sometimes I forget I'm a senior too. They do have a senior citizens center and perhaps maybe I should check that out sometime.

You have given me ideas to pursue.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val, What an interesting seniors week you had. Ive been to the capitol many times to see a show but never a tour, would have been very interesting to see it as it is today. Jen

Meow (aka Connie) said...

What a wonderful week you must have had. I guess I have lots to look forward to, when I become a senior, one day !! I love all the travelling and touring you have been doing, visiting all those interesting places. You don't need to be a senior to love all that sort of stuf LOL.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow

Kerri said...

You've been busy exulting I see! What a fun Seniors week you've had. How nice to have free public transport for the week.
I'm wondering who took your photo at Nicholas Gardens. It looks so peaceful.
We have lovely old camps up in the Adirondacks (not far from here) that were used by the rich for summer vacations back in the 1900's. They're fascinating.
Glad you've been enjoying yourself :)