Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bye for now...

My dear blogger buddies,

I have been taking a break from blogging and am not sure when I'll be back. Rest assured this lapse is for good reasons - no tragedy has befallen me or the family. Quite the contrary: my new crafty life is really kicking in and the Man Who Cooks is retiring next month after 33 years with the same employer. While still exulting about my own retirement (and very much enjoying my newish very part time job), I am now exulting over his retirement and the thought that we will have time to spend together at leisure and not have to plan things around full time work commitments.

Some of you are under the impression that I am still whiling my time away on Waikiki, when in fact I returned to Australia on November 9th. Sorry that my lack of posts had led to that misconception, and thanks to all of you who have wished me a happy vacation in Hawaii. It was great fun, but it's always good to get home again.

My love to you all, you are never far from my thoughts.



Annette said...

Have fun, Ms. Crafty, and give Mel a hug from me! See you when you come back online.


Diane J. said...

Real life should trump Bloggityville every time. Enjoy, Val, and we'll love hearing from you whenever you get around to blogging again. :o)

Love and hugs,


PEA said...

Hello dear Val:-) Oh dear, I'm so terrible with my emails and I never did answer yours...I've been so busy lately with my Christmas preparations that I'm afraid other things are being ignored. Please know that I'm thinking of you and hope that you don't stay away from blogging for good. Isn't it funny how attached we've all become to each other:-) Love & Hugs xoxo

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Val, I totally understand your blogging break, as I seem to be doing just that (although popping in here and there). You will be missed, but I hope you enjoy time with The Man Who Cooks, and your crafty things.
Hope we can catch up before Christmas ... time's a creeping, though !!
Take care, hugs, Connie xxx

Cris said...

Hi Val! I miss you already, but I understand your getting ready for a new phase in your lives, retirement together, time together and now with the crats, that's so exciting! And I will post some bread recipes for your hubby to try ok! Love, hugs and kisses...

Cris said...

Sorry, I meant crafts!

Sonia said...

You will be missed, Val, but I really can understand your blog's break. I hope you enjoy your time with your husband and your crafty things. Many happiness to you both! A big hug!

jellyhead said...

Val, I can understand your need for a break. Sometimes I feel the need to take time away from blogging, and sometimes I even think of stopping for good. But then I read a blog post that makes me laugh (or cry), or I suddenly feel inspired to write again.

I hope you'll post just every now & then, to tell us all you're enjoying life!

All the best to you Val.

Warmest regards,
Jelly XO

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Val,
Many like the idea of taking a break, and it will interesting to note whether you feel like posting again. Enjoyed reading your posts.
Best wishes

Jeanette said...

Hi Val, Missing you already.
Enjoy spending your retirement years together with the Man that cooks, and doing your craft work that you love so much, Loved reading your post and hope you dont stay away to long.. Wishing you a wonderful relaxing Christmas,, Cheers, Jen

John Cowart said...

Hi Val,

It's great news about his retirement. That's exciting. I wish you joy in your renewed time together. Drop by and comment now and then to let me know how you're doing.

I hate to see your blog closing down. you have expanded my worldview in many ways. Thanks.

Susie said...

Hi Val,
I haven't been blogging too much myself either, but hope to resume again sometime soon. I understand your decision, but hope you'll stay in touch with either a post or an email.
I'm so glad we connected through blogging.
Much love

Kerri said...

It seems many of us are feeling the need for less blog time lately. There's always much to be done (and learned and tried) and the hours seem to be all too few!
Enjoy your crafts, and won't it be the greatest fun when Mel retires and you can both set a leisurely pace? I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves immensely :)
You are never far from my thoughts either Val. Hope to 'see' you from time to time and I'll stay in contact.
Meanwhile, keep exulting!

Sandy said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas Val.
Now with the man who cooks at your side you will be able to see the enjoyment I've been feeling for the last 13 years. There's nothing like it! and my husband says that we should have retired when we were 19, it's been so much fun.

PEA said...

May the joy that comes with Christmas Day remain with you throughout the year!! Merry Christmas dear friend. xoxo

Gledwood said...

Hi Val I saw your photo in comments on your friend's blog and when I saw you were an Aussie I thought I'd at least say hi here...

take it easy and have a great 2008!!

Kali said...

Hope you and yours are all well Dear Val! And that you and your Husband are enjoying this new stage in your lives.
xo Kali

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Dear Val, just dropping by to say hello! I hope you and yours are very well!
Kind regards,

Cris said...

Dear Val, me too... just stopping by to say hello... Miss you, please let us hear from you. Love.

Gwen said...

Hi Val.
Didn't think I would miss you so much "BUT I DO".
Stay well and enjoy xx

DellaB said...

Hi Val,

Just stopped in to say hello. I am doing the rounds checking my links are still current, as I have just started blogging again and have a new place.

Hope things are still well with you, and that we see you again one day too.


sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi dear Val,
How are you!
Just stopping by to say Hello!
Have a nice weekend!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Me again,
I made a surprise to my friends on my blog and I think you will like it. If you have the time, please, come to see.

My kind regards,

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Dear Val,
Even though you've been gone from our blogging lives for quite a long time now, I still think of you from time to time and wonder what you've been doing. I'm sure that you are having the time of your life with retirement and enjoying every minute of it.

catsmum said...

Dear Val
In the hope that you still receive comments I had to tell you that I've finally started using the green stabstitched book you made for me.
Its wonderfulness paralysed me for a very long time. I was afraid that I'd mess it up ... but this week I decided to just do it... sully a page and see where that took me.

Now it's nearly filled up. I've found myself grabbing it and some pencils or inks at some very odd times day and night - 3 am springs to mind - so thank you again
who hopes that you and TMWC made it up here for some of the Festival because it's been fabulous

sonia a. mascaro said...

I wish to you and yours a Happy New Year! All the best!

Feliz Ano Novo!