Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Phine and Val go to the zoo

What a great combination: a Japanese garden in a zoo. Wonderful weather for it too.

Trail of the Elephants: Mekah Pah is giving Phine the Big A

Lunch time!

In the aviary


Val said...

What a tempting glimpse of a Japanese garden. The water looks wonderful. Was it just in a corner of the zoo? And, pardon my ignorance, which zoo?

Val said...


this is in the Melbourne Zoo (slight detail there!) and yes, the Japanese garden is in a corner of it. Today I was at the zoo again to do a horticultural tour, that will be another post. But just to say that Melbourne is a sister city with a Japanese city and to celebrate that, a Japanese garden designer came to Melbourne in the late 80s to design the garden. It is small but reflects all the elements of a strolling garden. A nice place to go for a rest away from large school groups during the week!