Sunday, November 06, 2005


Almost summer here in the southern hemisphere, and I've already been for a swim in our (unheated) pool. I love swimming at night, looking up at the moon and stars. Other than when I was a kid, I have hated pools, but since we bought this place 11 years ago with a pool already there, I've come to appreciate how it's the greatest air conditioner. It really cools down the body core. Swimming at night at first seemed to be a scary kind of thing to do, but now I really look forward to it, and I don't have to wear sunblock either.

Tonight we're having our first bbq at home for the season. A couple of years ago we had rolldown screens made for our veranda, and it makes the greatest outdoor room, it extends the livingroom. We tend to have breakfasts and lunches out there as well. At the end of the season we roll up the three sides which are velcroed into place and out of the way. It's a brilliant design!

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Cowtown Pattie said...

And it's almost fall/winter here in Cowtown. First really good cold front comes next week when nighttime low should dip to 35. Today has been nearly 80 degrees - ugh.