Saturday, November 12, 2005

Proud member of The Ageless Project

Since I've started blogging I have found so many people with shared interests and other oldies who blog. Through Ronni Bennett's blog Time goes by I found my way to The Ageless Project, a collection of people of age who want to share their thoughts and experiences online. In the Sixties (the era of my youth, lucky me!) it would have been called letting it all hang out. These days that can be done Big Time in cyberspace, although some would say that it's a more anonymous way of sharing than cavorting around as we did in the Sixties.

In her post of 11 November, Ronni talks about getting senior discounts as a rite of passage. Rather than thinking about it as a sign of "getting old", we should gleefully look for the sign "Senior discounts here" - we've earned it! As for advancing on in years, I count each day as a gift to be made the most of, and the feeling that each year flies by faster than the last says to me that 1) I am enjoying life, and 2) I should concentrate even more on enjoying life. People who know me would say that I am good at seeing the positives, and I would add that it does no good to look back and dwell on any lows that inevitably come into one's life. I'm having fun!


Maria said...

Thanks for recently visiting my blog. I, too am a great fan of Ronni's and enjoy her writing and her views on ageism. Hope you drop by again soon and I promise to come visit. We of the "Senior Discount" age need each other.

Val said...

Well, Val, you echo my thoughts.Though I have a couple of years till I get the discounts! Wha an inspiration.I am yet another of those who share interests, livelihoods (and a name too).
*makes a note to visit Ronni's blog*

Ronni Bennett said...

When I first started Time Goes By and was scouring the web for other elderbloggers, the Ageless Project was a goldmine.

Thanks for the link, Val. I'll be back here too.

Mildred Garfield said...

Hi Val

I see you were born until the sign of Leo, so was I. I agree with what you said about not looking back, enjoying today and making the most of every day! Exactly my sentiments!

Even when I have nothing special to do, blogging always opens the door to fun and/or learning.