Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My last Wednesday off!

What has kept me sane over the last few years is the fact that I worked a 4-day week, having every Wednesday off. I've always thought about it as a mini weekend in the middle of the week, and normally wouldn't have to work more than 2 days in a row. In my bad old days though I'd often use the Wednesday to catch up with work, or use the peace and quiet of my home study (a marked contrast to my workplace) to do some creative planning, to present library skills classes in new and different ways. Later I came to my senses, and realised that I needed that day for myself, to recuperate so I could go back to work with renewed energy. I gradually was able to get through whole Wednesdays without giving too much thought to work. From next week however I will have 6 Wednesdays and a Sunday in my week.

Here are some photos of my workstation, NOT A WINDOW IN SIGHT. On the back of my chair is my "emergency cardigan" for when the temperature would be just too low for comfort. I was the only one to put in a table with tablecloth and lamp, and a rug. Sometimes I'd take time to catch my breath and look around, and to add a bit of warmth to the place I'd turn on the lamp. It was always so cheerful. The last two photos were taken after I started the clean up process, removing things from the walls.


Kerri said...

Val, I popped over to read Jude's post (and loved it) and when I came back you'd posted this latest one. Happy last Wednesday off!
If it was possible to throw a Blogger party we could give you one to celebrate your retirement! Instead I'll jump up and down and shout hooray for you on your last day, then sit down with a cup of coffee and read your latest blog :)
You're counting the moments now.....good for you!
I like the cheerful blue of your 'office space' and the footy photos to keep you happy :)
Val, the word verification here contains these letters: 'retrz'. I thought it was a neat coincidence :)

Lindsay Lobe said...

"I was the only one to put in a table with tablecloth and lamp, and a rug."
Yes as I noticed that,very homely, I like your work station; it tells us something about you. We spend so much time at work, yet often don’t take much trouble to make our surroundings more inviting.

Your workstation tell us your a passionate Carlton supporter, keep an Aboriginal flag ? and a sign to say you oppose the war. With a Calculator, cups, even a cap, spare jumper -maybe someone who likes being well prepared in advance !! -and on your computer a wildlife pictures, on safari ? interest in wildlife ?

Best wishes

Val said...

Oh, what good comments, very observant if you can pick out details from the mess. Yes, my support of the Carlton Football Club is well known. My screensaver is composed of photos I took of the giraffes at the wonderful Melbourne Zoo, giraffes being my favorite animal.

I wish there were a way we bloggers could party. Maybe when we all get webcams and voice over internet software?? The kids do this MSM messaging business in real time, but I don't know if we're up to that, are we?

Love the word verfication, Kerri, thanks for sharing that!

Alice said...

I looked at your screensaver and thought "Tanya would love that". I love the idea of a table, cloth and lamp in the office - the light must have been so soothing in times of stress.

Now you can go home and decorate your own office anyway you like - photos of giraffes, hunky men in navy shorts, etc, etc.....

Jude said...

Good that you took some photos of your workstation - your 'home away from home'. They can feed your nostalgia in years to come.

Now we have reached the shortest day maybe you will enjoy a few sleep-ins to celebrate your first week of retirement.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Congrats on your retirement
tomorrow, You must be overjoyed.
Now you will have lots of time to blog.
I copied your Retirees Q an A.It's very
good. Also I see you are a Carlton Supporter. Are you CRAZY girl?? I too
am a Carlton supporter, so I'm crazy too
Thanks for your visit and comment. The poor old postman. Take care, Merle.

Just maybe we can beat the Kangaroos
Friday night.

Val said...

And I was hoping to see a Millennium screen! I am so impressed with the tablecoth and lamp, a lovely touch. But how you could exist without sight of the sky I do not know. *sitting at my library desk looking at the sky and trees, wrestling with the back end of Millennium* (a library computer system we share, tho on opposite sides of the world)

doubleknot said...

Good Luck with your retirement. My daughter also has the Millennium at her library and another one I can't remember the name of that is world wide. Just think now you can see out your window at home. Love the clock in one post - we have a large population of retires in my part of the country and most of them seem to be enjoying life.

Val said...

Looks like I should take a photo of some Millenium screens today and post them. Who would have thought blogging would bring together people who use a particular kind of library software. Sheesh!

Alice, I'm going to try to remember to save that giraffe folder so I can send it to Tanya. There are some lovely photos.

Yay, another Carlton supporter! Welcome, Merle! I must admit though I have a soft spot for the Kangas, but a win would still be very welcome. I'll be at the game, as I always am if the game is in Melbourne.

Jude, I'm one of those people who has never been able to sleep in, no matter what time I've gone to bed, if it's the weekend, I'm on holiday, whatever. I still wake up at the crack of dawn and get up not long after that. It's the best time of day so I'm happy with that situation.

Sue said...

Won't you be glad to be able to look back on this blog and remember all those moments just before retirement! I think it is just the best for preserving the milestones in our lives.
Are you having a retirement party at work?

DellaB said...

You strike a chord in me, more than one, as I am sure you do in others. I have spent a LOT of my home time in work-related things, lucky that I enjoyed doing it so much.

Now that I am semi-retired (working only 3 days a week for over a year now)... I can still feel guilty for spending too much time doing things I enjoy - funny that, do we get over it.. do you think?

Sonia said...

Val, I love to see photos of your workstation. I feel I know you a little more. Congratulations on your retirement!

Gautam said...

I am looking for a Carlton screensaver. Can you send it to my email address.