Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogging blahs

It seems to be difficult lately, getting around to visiting everyone, let alone leave comments, and then there's the issue of posting on one's own blog. If I were living in the northern hemisphere I might have the excuse of the demands of the new school year starting. But I don't even have school age kids anymore. Maybe I can put it down to Spring Fever - yes, here in the southern hemisphere Spring officially started yesterday, accompanied by a delightful 23º C (73º F). Our first tulip is out, the bird of paradise is in flower, the Japanese maple has a lovely cover of young green leaves and in general the garden is looking lovely. No, no photos, I just couldn't be bothered at the moment! And besides, you all know what tulips and maples etc look like. I think I'll head outdoors again and enjoy the predicted 24º today (before a cold front comes through tomorrow).

Now if it would only bring rain. This is becoming serious: even in normal times Australia is already the driest inhabited continent (Antarctica is the driest continent) but this winter has been the driest in a long time. On top of that El Nino is about to hit again. People in the rural areas have been doing it tough for a while (we've been in drought for a decade), and it's not going to get any easier, at least not this year. Anyone know any rain dances?


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'll start dancing as soon as the sun comes up, but I hope it doesn't rain here anymore. It's rained all week long. I'm almost afraid to do a rain dance for YOU.

I know what you mean about blogging at the moment. I'm in a blogging slump...can't seem to keep up with reading the blogs. When it's pretty I want to be outside and when it's rainy I want to visit someone.

We are getting ready to start Fall and then winter. Blogging will be easier in the colder months.


Sue said...

Hi Val,
Don't know if you knew it or not, but Boo Mama has a labor day linky going on. I was remembering your Bat Post and how funny that was! How ARE those bats anyway??
I read of the blahs everywhere in blogland. It must be the time of year!
Did you set the date for your vacation over here yet??

John Cowart said...

Yes! It's hard to keep up posting or reading blogs I like.

Comments are more difficult to make too. Apparently Blogger Beta blocks me fom commenting on some sites I used to visit all the time and I'm not enough of a geek to figure out how to get around it.

I have trouble thinking of anything inteligent to say as it is, and the squiggly leters are imposible to see, and now fighting the computer too defeats me... Now, let's see if this will post? Your funny letters for today are; kqshmhyk (maybe).

Lindsay Lobe said...

The water situation is rather drastic and I am appalled at how little of our water is re cycled, only 1-2 percent whilst in many cities in the world that re used water is retreated water 3/4 time over.
And in Agricultural, consider how much (about 30%) water is lost through evaporation form open ditches used when irrigating.

best wishes

Tanya said...

Seems to me a lot of people are suffering the blogging blahs, lately. I'm one of them (not sure how self inflicted it all is, though!!). Hope it's an illness that passes soon.

Oh, and I've posted pictures on my wonderful, fabulous, brilliant, why-did-I-ever-leave BLOGGER site...

Kerri said...

What's all this blog blah business? I, for one, am not feeling the blog blahs. I have so much I want to post about (I'm obviously a blabbermouth) and pictures I want to show. Not having enough time to do it, and visit all my blogfriends is a frustration. And it all takes time away from the things I should be getting done.
I can understand that you'd rather be enjoying the spring weather than blogging....and you should!
We're having rain (leftovers from Ernesto) gain today! Like Sandy, I don't dare do any rain dances!
Enjoy your spring!

Kerri said...

That's supposed to be 'again' :)

DellaB said...

Hi Val, I was just thinking, one day last week, now I know what 'writer's block' must be like! The harder I thought the emptier my head got... no ideas at all... and I had done my reading and commenting - it was time to write. I don't know how people who blog daily posts keep it up, I manage on average 2 or 3 a week; not for lack of material, I usually have multi-lane traffic in my head, but for time, there's never enough...

About rain, would you believe we drove all the way home from Coff's, nearly 4 hours driving, in really heavy rain, and we were talking about how good it would be for the Gold Coast to be finally getting some rain - but guess what? Just as we hit the Queensland/News South Wales border - the rain stopped! Everything dry as a bone...

Lee-ann said...

Val, :o) we have been doing the dance up here for weeks.

But I think it's dance over a bucket in the shower, dance your hands around in washing the dishes by hand, dance around with mulsh................but no rain.

I think we have been lucky (but short lived) as we got a big down pour Saturday night but today it is all gone...running in the right direction I hope.

enjoy your week and lets not have the blarhs for too long please I just love your chatter! lol lol


Granny said...

I've fallen behind with a lot of my blogging friends. Some of it is dumb blogger and some is a busy schedule at the moment.

However, here I finally am, just saying hi..