Monday, May 14, 2007

Case of the disappearing photos in Blogger

... and I may be the Sherlock Holmes of Bloggerworld.

A while back, Kerri alerted me to the fact that all photos were missing from my post Indulgence Days. So I went back and uploaded them again, in batches, as suggested by Alice . Today I get another message from Kerri to say that only 5 of the 7 photos are showing. Sure enough, I can't see them either. The missing ones are the last two photos I uploaded, and were in a separate post that I then combined into the main one, as per Alice's instructions.

And here, dear Watson, is where I think the problem arises: so that I don't have these rogue drafts cluttering up the place, I deleted the draft post containing those last two photos. I know new Blogger tells you that these photos will disappear from that vast cybergallery in the sky, but I figure, I have uploaded them in the new post that I republish. So the photos attached to that post should remain and I am just deleting duplicate photos, right? If you have followed me thus far (hey! wake up!), does this deletion seem to be a reasonable explanation of events, or non-events as the case may be?

I know people have complained about their photos disappearing, but as this hadn't yet happened to me, I, um, didn't pay much attention. Now I am paying attention, but will it do any good???


Sonia said...

Val I noticed this too, but I thought that it will be soon OK. But I can't see 8 photos of your post Indulgence Days, just now. When I will make my post about Brasilian and Australian's landscape, I tell you, because one special photo, which looks like so much with my neighborhood, did not show up. See you soon.

Peter said...

Hi Val, as can be seen by the missing photos, that are unseen, you have deleted them when you deleted the draft post, if it's really important, or you just want to do it for the experiment;
go to edit posts and edit Indulgence Days, now download the two missing photos to that post, this will put them at the top of the post again.
The best way to relocate them to where you want them is to ONE AT A TIME... left click on a photo to enable it then Ctrl x it, you can now have a mild panic attack as the picture will disappear, next scroll down to where you want to put the Photo left click and then hit
Ctrl v this will put it where you wanted it, repeat for the second photo and you post is complete again, (you MIGHT need to backspace the start of the post to bring it back to the top, sometimes this is done automatically.
If you have trouble with these instructions email me, I thought if I put them here someone else may need them too.

Val said...


I thought you might lob in with some ideas. Thanks! Alice said that sometimes she deletes, and sometimes she doesn't, so it's not always consistent. Also, I think I've tried to do the control X thing but I don't think it was successful. However, I will certainly try it again, because what I've been doing is clicking and dragging, which is a huge PAIN, because you can't do it in one go! Wish me luck, and thanks again.

lindsaylobe said...

Missing pictures !, on a lighter side have you wondered what happens to thoughts and info, since just deleting an item doesnt make it disappear, it in another place where you cant see it. And our thoughts , once entertained remain. Now that’s not the sort of philosophical musings which appeals to everyones cup of tea -

But here are some thoughts !

Where do Vals pictures go as they ceases to be ?
How will it be when she presses the delete key
Where do pictures go as her post ceases to be
Are those pictures still allowed to roam free ?

Where do her pictures go as post ceases to be
Time of passover, over time Val will see !!
Where do her thoughts go as post ceases to be
Such thoughts we may never see

Where do pictures go as they ceases to be
Where will they go if Google has fees ?
Where do pictures go as they ceases to be
Restored and united Vals world now I see !!

Where do pictures go as they ceases to be
Mind now the line of this haunting refrain
Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Continues forever no need to explain

Best wishes

Cris said...

Wow Val, I am not sure why I missed so many posts of yours. Usually when you delete a post, after you hit Delete, blogger opens the post you want to delete, then you go to the bottom of that page, and select the pictures that you want to save, this way blogger will save your pictures and delete only the words in that post. Hope it helps!

Meow said...

How strange, Val. Not sure if this has ever happened to me ... might have to go back and check !!
Good luck in figuring out why.
Blogger sure can be evil !!
Take care, Meow

jellyhead said...

Hi Val,

I have nothing useful to say regarding the photo issue BUT I did want to tell you the presents you made for both your mother and your m-in-law are just gorgeous. What could be better than a work of art with loving sentiments written on it? You have given these two deserving women such wonderful gifts - they must have been so touched.

Hope you had a happy Mothers Day yourself Val!

:) Jelly

Lee-ann said...

Hello Val I am infact guilty of not knowing what everyone is talking about with the mystery of the lost photos as it too has never happened to me but I am sure there will be some interesting information come out of your post so we will see how it all turns out, for when it does happen to us all.

I wanted to drop in today to tell you it has rained two mornings in a row here (AMAZING!) and I am sure your block is getting a little as well lets hope the dam is filling for you!

have a great day.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val Sorry I cant help you its never happened to me, I have no problems uploading photo's on blog.
Hope you can sort all your problems out very quickly
i just save my photo's to my pictures then upload pics onto blog by clicking on the little icon on new post ,,

Sandy said...

I haven't had any missing photos yet that I know of. I upload pictures ONE at a time...I know it's time consuming, but I get them in the order I want them in that way...sometimes I mess up though. I've never tried to move them as Peter suggested...I'm not that brave to mess with a picture once it is up. I've tried to delete one picture and have deleted ALL the pictures I uploaded many times. arrrgh!

meli said...

I've had my photos disappear a couple of times, completely randomly. Couldn't work out why at all. Sorry that's no help!

Kerri said...

It's good to see you discuss the problem of the disappearing photos Val. That way we get a few suggestions and can bounce them off each other. I figured out the same thing as you...when I delete the draft after copying the pics to the main post I can pretty much expect them to disappear...even though my reasoning is the same as yours....they're copies, for heaven's sake! These 2 latest posts I had the idea of cutting and pasting, rather than copying, and therefore not having to delete. So far, so good...but I'm not holding my breath.
I'm going to try Peter's suggestion for moving photos in the post, because when I drag and drop (like you) all the layout is stretched out and messed up, and I have to close up all the gaps. It's so annoying and time-consuming! And to have to reload and fix everything more than once is enough to give me screaming fits. It doesn't, but it may come to that eventually :)
Now with Blogger turning off the comments (like it did with Marion, Frances and me), we have a brand new problem. Oh joy! It's certainly a lesson in patience :)
Are you going to try loading your missing pics a third time?
How come it only happens to some and not others? That's what I want to know. Wierd and wonderful Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Hi Val, I'm having the same problem than you, but it´s not related to deleted posts.
I also had to upload the header and the background again.
I don't know what can be happening but it´s really annoying and completely random!!

Good luck
Miss Wifi

Faisal Admar said...

I'm facing the same problem. It happen few times before too. Why is this happen? Can't the blogger stuff take any action about this since many people facing the same problem over and over again. Sigh.