Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long time, no tag

It's been a while since I've been tagged. Jeanette has tagged me to write about 7 RANDOM facts about myself. Well, this will be very random (read: no thought processes involved as we're just about to leave for Castlemaine - have to return some books to the library there, heh heh). So here goes.
  1. I love paper products, always have. I loved to collect stationery, now I create books.

  2. If I could have only one kind of meat product for the rest of my life, the choice would be easy: chicken!

  3. In my 50s I learned Auslan, Australian sign language, so I could communicate with the deaf students and staff at the university where I worked. But many years ago as a teenager I fell in love with the German language, became a German teacher and worked as a librarian at the German Cultural Institute (Goethe Institute). Have dabbled in Spanish, Italian and Greek.

  4. Late starts in life: classical ballet in my mid twenties, first child at 39.

  5. Before our garden became too shady, I had quite a collection of bearded irises, all named. I used to draw up maps of where each type was, and had all the information on a database, including when they flowered each year.

  6. My favorite animal is the giraffe.

  7. I love driving a manual car. My last two cars were/are a Mazda 626, before that a zippy little Datsun 120Y. My first car, when I was still living in California, was a VW bug, convertible! One time the Man Who Cooks drove up to the Sierra Nevadas with a friend to go camping. But when they parked Gertrude (the name I gave the car) at the start of the trail, they left food in the car. When they got back, they found that a bear had torn open the roof to get at the food.

Was that random enough for you? Have a good weekend!


Susie said...

I love a car named Gertrude. Mine was Lulubelle!!
Have a great weekend:)

Jeanette said...

Hi Val. Well You did make me gag on the oysters lol. and we have something in common Chicken its my favorite meat.I have just make a pot of chicken and veg.soup.
have a safe trip.

catsmum said...

I've never named a car of mine but I do have a wheelbarrow named Gertrude [ and one named Ethel ]
I'd be with you on the chicken except I developed an intolerance to it nearly 30 years ago :[

PEA said...

Gertrude eh? lol Love it! I so enjoyed learning these facts about you, my favourite meat is chicken. xox

Stuart said...

Val, it looks like we have even more in common that sharing favourite AFL teams. To hear that you're also a stationery junkie is awesome. I thought I was the only one with that fetish.

If you can walk into a stationery shop and leave with a bundle of items even though the family won't have food on the table for another week - then I'll take you as dinkum.

As for the Roos vs the Blues. I tipped the Roos but I'm screaming my head off for our guys.

"Early Bird" said...

Wow...I think you are one of the most cultured bloggers that I know!!
I feel like a giraffee after traction in Physical!!

lindsaylobe said...

What an interesting array of talents, oral, written and sign language skills to manually operating those gears and to being a book binder/creator!!

The bear story sounds like a good post!.

Best wishes

Meow said...

Hahaha, a stationery fetish ... now I see where that comment on my blog came from !!
Giraffes are beautiful creatures, but my favorite is the cat (no, really !!!)
I love driving manual cars, too. I had a Datsun 1600, with rally suspension ... what a hoot it was to drive !!
Have a fabulous week, Val.
Take care, Meow

Sonia said...

How funny and cute a car named Gertrude, Val!
My favorite animal is the dog and the suricate.
About my choose of meal, would be cheese!
Love to read this 7 random facts about you, Val!

Kerri said...

That was very random Val...great stuff :)
I always drove a manual (standard) car too until our 2 last cars. Now I'm spoiled and like not having to do as much thinking. Ross's car is manual and I don't much like driving it. Amazing how quickly we get lazy :)
My 2nd car was a red VW named "Charlie". When we got married Ross had a light blue 1968 Mustang Convertible. Nice. Fast! Much faster than my VW! I had to use a very light foot!
I too find languages fascinating. Wish I had time to learn more. But I can speak Australian and American :) And a tiny bit of French and Spanish.

Cris said...

I only learned English besides Portuguese, and I can understand Spaninsh ok. That was really random and cute, I also drive a manual car, but I know how to drive both from our stays in the US.

Lee-ann said...

Val that was random and I loved it I know just a little bit more about you now! lol lol lol!

Now I am going back to the choclate post! lol lol have the choclate buttons melted yet??