Thursday, May 31, 2007

Met Miss Eagle today

Today I drove out towards the hills to meet up with Miss Eagle of Oz Tucker. She had a lovely lunch and a nicely laid table prepared for us. There was plenty to talk about, she was also a librarian at one time, is interested in food, and was very interested in my idea of taking the train all the way to Sandy Stony Point on our $3 Seniors tickets. I had brought along some of my book creations to show off her. Then we went to a craft warehouse to look at zillions of papers, stickers, stamps etc. What a fun day!

This is a big week for me for getting together with blogger buddies. On Tuesday I met Sharon from Beyond the Blank Page, who I've met face to face a couple of times before. Strangely enough we wound up in Bellbird Paper Arts again. Tomorrow I'm off to do a print workshop at Barb's, and one of the other people there will be Connie (Meow from Varieties of Life).

As I was driving home today the rain was really pelting down, the dark sky seemed to be just above the roof of the car - it was wonderful! But I had to think how long it had been since I've had to drive in that kind of weather. Oh may the dams and reservoirs fill to bursting point!


"Early Bird" said...

I can't wait to meet some blog friends in real life!
Maybe someday!

catsmum said... of these weekends when you're up here, we'll have to meet up. Maybe at the Library?

Peter said...

You are having a bloggers bonanza Val... enjoy.

Rebecca said...

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Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ You sure have been busy meeting blogger friends.
The rain has been wonderful hasn't it
and I hope the water storages are
getting plenty. Thanks for your
comments. The turkey roast had been in the freezer a while, so it was time to cook it, no special occasion
but it tasted really nice.
Take care Val, can we beat the Bulldogs? Love, Merle.

Cris said...

I have met some food blog friends, but I don't think I ever met other bloggers that visit Country Patch, mostly because they all live abroad... that would be fun if someone came to visit here!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Good for you and for all of the rain.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val, Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Miss Eagle.I have just been over to her site, your lunch looked lovely for a chilly day,My favorite meal in winter Soup with garlic bread,
have a great day tuesday with all your blogging buddies, take care driving on the wet roads.(((HUGS)))

Meow said...

Hey, Val, it was a fun day, wasn't it. I'm a bit disappointed in myself though .. I now realise how un-artistic I actually am !!
Thanks for sharing your day.
Take care, Meow

Kerri said...

Lucky you Val, meeting all those blogger buddies! You get the prize for meeting the most BB's of anyone I "know"! Good for you!
Glad you're having such a fun week.
I'm soooo glad to hear you're having more rain!!! We had some too on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday...and actually needed it!