Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goodbye craft room

As some of you know, Techie Son has been studying in Berkeley since January. He will be returning home next weekend and that, dear readers, spells the end of my idyllic craft room. I am now gradually getting his room back into bedroom mode. Oh how easy it is to spread out when space is available, even using the bed for temporary paper storage. Don't know where I'll be able to use my recently purchased large cutting mat.

Here are some of my latest creations.
A couple of books I made practising a new stitch on the spine. The larger of the books has on the cover a little kimono made with an origami technique. Instructions for a similar kimono are found here.
Recently I did a printing workshop at Barb's, and surprised myself by drawing a giraffe which I then carved out of a rubber block to be used as a stamp. Here I've stamped it onto a paper that has a background made from using bubble wrap and a perforated piece of scrap metal. Lots more to experiment with.


Susie said...

I always thought I would have so much more room when my children moved out.
Something happens and your stuff grows to fill all the available space.
It never ends...
Love your giraffe! :)

Miss Eagle said...

What a bitter/sweet experience: son home but no studio. Will son be able to make some contribution to a new studio? And you have been into clever busy-ness haven't you. Love the giraffe rubber stamp. After the kangaroo, the giraffe is my favourite animal particularly when I think of them loping along country roads in Kenya! Keep us posted, please, Val.

Blessings and bliss

Gwen said...

Hi Val thanks for dropping by,you might have to extend? your craft
will appreciate it.Ha!Ha!

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Love the giraffe and you are having fun learning new things.
Nice to have your son home, but the craft had to make way. You will sort it out no doubt. Thanks for your comments, glad you liked Fireman Ben
It was a nice story. I sure did notice we had moved up the ladder and maybe can go higher yet.
Take care, Val, Love, Merle.

catsmum said...

paper and cutting mat? Under the bed or behind the bookcase [ and I know there's got to be at least one bookcase there ]

PEA said...

I know you'll miss your craft room but on the other hand you'll be happy to have your son back home:-) You've done such beautiful work with your books...love that giraffe too!!! I so enjoyed seeing some of your wedding photos in the previous post...that's the kind of wedding we should all have, relaxing and not costing an arm and a leg!! xox

jellyhead said...

Oh no, what will you do without space to do all your craft work? (but of course it WILL be good to see Techie Son, of course of course!)

The giraffe is very funky - I like him immensely.

Also thank you for showing your wedding photos. It sounds like the day was wonderfully relaxed and low-key and happy (not like many of the over-done, over-priced, overly-stressful weddings these days). And weren't you two absolutely dashingly gorgeous as bride and groom?!! Seriously Val - that dress amanged to be sexy and beautiful at the same time; the velvet coat was just perfect....you both look really stunning. I LOVED seeing these pictures from your big day!

Rebecca said...

I really like the Giraffe book cover as well.....you could do a whole series with different wildlife on such a background. Very smart.

Val said...

You are SO talented Val. (yes the wedding photos are stunning, and conjure up the era so well)

A quick update from me (no blog posts recently) I have finally come to the point when I NEED to work full time. Forget the finances, I can eat bread and cheese if necessary. Thanks to you for ploughing the furrow for me to follow!

Val said...

Oh dear, I am so pressured I wrote that all wrong. I need to work PART time! Doh. Doesnt that illustrate my point well, haha.

Joan said...

I love your giraffe block print...once upon a time ago, I collected anything Giraffe. Good luck finding a place at home to continue making your marvelous crafting creations.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val, AAAWwww your craft room must go to make room again for your dear Son Im sure you will find somewere to stack all your craft, Love your Giraffe and im off to check out the Kimono folding.

Alice said...

Haven't you told Techie Son that he has to share a room with his brother again?...lol Perhaps that would be too drastic and he may decide to stay in Berkeley.

I'm sure you're really excited about seeing him again and hearing all about his time over there.

Your crafting skills are increasing so much that I think you really deserve a room devoted solely to them .....hmmmm?

Kerri said...

Put on your thinking cap Val...I'm sure you'll find a place for your crafts. I hope so!
How nice it'll be to have Techie Son home again and hear all about his adventures. Is he happy about leaving CA? It's too bad he has to leave now that the weather is summery.
I'm laughing about you surprising yourself :) It's a wonderful giraffe! You've been making some lovely stuff.

Merle said...

Hi again Val ~~ I am trying to imagine you hiding peas under your plate!! Thanks for commenting.
Hope we can beat the Hawks tomorrow night. We just might.
Take care, Barrack hard, Love, Merle.

Tanya said...

I think Techie son should sleep on the couch :)

LOVE that giraffe!!

Annette said...

Tell Techie son hi from all of us here in the USA! I think his sleeping on the couch is a good idea too... lol.


Meow said...

It will be great to have Techie Son home again, though, won't it ?? Even if it does mean sacrificing your craft room. LOL.
Take care, Meow