Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wedding October 1971

So, how many years does that make? Who's counting?

My sister designed and made my wedding dress, the skirt is the softest material. The little vest is laced in front, German peasant style. The Man Who Cooks' jacket was of a rich maroon velvet. Note the flowers in my hair.

Receiving my ring, made of silver, which I prefer to gold. In the second photo I was having a little laughing cry.
The two people in the centre are my sister and brother in law. The rabbi who married us is on the right. This is such a happy photo, don't you think?

This was a lovely day in the Berkeley hills. Very relaxed, no need for rehearsals or catering, we and the guests brought food which was lovingly made. We were able to chat to people as we later sat down on picnic blankets under the trees. Some of my students were there, including Annette and Robert.

And here I am, how many years later, (ok, it'll be 36 in October), in another country and hemisphere, still happily married to the Man Who Cooks. How good is that!


John Cowart said...

Beautiful, Val. Simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Val, I didn't know you were such a hippie - you and yours are very beautiful and look so happy... Good on you - a marriage journey is such a long and perilous one and few make it to the 'golden years' as happy or happier than when they started - Sharon

Alice said...

Val - that sounds like the perfect wedding day. How simple, yet providing wonderful memories of a special day shared with friends and family in an atmosphere of love, laughter and fun. Congratulations to you both for all the loving years you've shared. I just loved reading about it. You know that it would make a wonderful story in more detail, don't you?

lucy tartan said...

Val, those are such beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing them.

Susie said...

You both look so happy!
I really enjoyed seeing these pictures!
I always say that a long and happy marriage is a wonderful gift..May the years ahead bring continued joy to your life!!

Joan said...

Those are such beautiful photos and it sounds like the memories are just as wonderful. May you have many more years together.

Annette said...

I remember that day so well! I think I found me in the photo, and I think I found Robert. There was a boy with a very German sounding name in our class and I saw him in the photo too. You look just how I remember you.

Getting an invititation to your wedding made me feel grown up though I was younger than my daughter is right now, lol. This was the my first foray into adult life and I thank you and Mel for helping me to take those steps!


Anonymous said...

Those were the friend. Great times and better memories.

Miss Eagle said...

How wonderful and typical of the time, Val! Herself and Miss E delighted in it.

Blessings and bliss

PS: How nice that you can show all your new blogging friends who weren't at the wedding.

Tanya said...

It's been so long since I left a comment that now there are just too many things to comment on! Love those pictures from way back when, I must definitely remember to try the Syrian chicken because, at only 8:15 am it is making my mouth water, I had iced coffee here a few months back that was just as you described - coffee with ice in it. And the shop had the nerve to charge me $6 for it!!!

I'm sure I had more to say...

"Early Bird" said...

I so enjoyed seeing your wedding pictures!

Jeanette said...

Hi Val, Lovely photo's of your outdoor wedding.
May you have many more years of continued happiness together.

Rebecca said...

What fantastic photgraphs....and such a good reminder of those fantastic hippie type days that so many of us enjoyed.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Love your wedding photos and congrats to you and the TMWC on
almost 36 years of marriage. I wish you both many, many more happy years together. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Wasn't the win great against Port Adelaide. Two in a row, I couldget used to that.
Take care Val, Love, Merle.

Kerri said...

That's extremely good Val! It's wonderful to still be happily married to the loves of our lives! We were married in the same year, in April.
Your dress is lovely. What a clever sister you have. And yes, that's a very happy photo with the rabbi.
Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures of a happy celebration.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

What a lovely and romantic wedding, Val! Looks like a movie!
Thanks for sharing!