Friday, June 15, 2007

The joy of blogging

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with TWO Blogger buddies: Meow, whom I've met twice before, and Gina, who has only recently come onto my radar screen.

I know it is said time and time again, but I just have to say that blogging has to be one of the best ways EVER to meet people of similar interests, people who I would have missed out on, no matter how many clubs I joined. It's actually sad to think that before blogging I could have walked past these two wonderful ladies, in the city, at a local shopping centre, even lived in the same suburb, and I would have never made their acquaintance. So I am rejoicing at the opportunities that blogging provides, plus having the time to take advantage of those opportunities. (Oh, have I mentioned lately that I'm retired? heheh. It's almost time for me to do a post summarising my first year of freedom).

Thanks to Gina I have discovered a new source of paper and wonderful collection of stickers, as well as other craft items. And I'm glad Gina was there to show me the way to this shop as it was in an out of the way place, but well worth it.

I couldn't help comparing the experience of following Gina (with her, to me, mysterious Andre Rieu scarfed draped in the rear window) and that of following Miss Eagle a few weeks ago, again leading me astray to another craft heaven. Gina is a lot easier to follow, whereas Miss Eagle bolted out of the blocks in her station wagon and it was a case of catch me if you can until we reached our destination. lol!


Meow said...

Hey, Val ... it was fun, wasn't it. Shame I had to miss out on the scrapbooking shop time.
Blogging has opened many doors for me, too ... it's such a wonderful experience.
Thanks for the fun day.
Hope to do it again soon.
Take care, Meow

Susie said...

I actually think you've met more blogging buddies than anyone I read on a regular basis. How fun for you!
It is blazing hot here today. Summertime seems to have arrived big time!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Val. looks like you all had a great time together and a lot of chin wagging over lunch. and also Gina was able to take you to the craft warehouse.was the craft warehouse in Eltham.

Miss Eagle said...

And where is this wonderful paper place that Gina has taken you to? Sounds like a wonderful time.

Blessings and bliss

Alice said...

Wouldn't it be great to have a big blogger get-together (read - big get-together, NOT big blogger). We'd all have to wear nametags with our blogger names on them and we'd walk around peering at nametags and then crying, "Oh, so you're .......! It's lovely to meet you."

Perhaps we'll all meet at your place - everyone gravitates to you, Val (like moths to a flame).

I love hearing about your blogger meetings.

"Early Bird" said...

I'm looking forward to meeting some of my local blogging buddies sometime this summer...schedules are kind of busy right now to coordinate a visit...I did meet little Kayla and her parents, that was awesome, and probably a one time thing as they live clear across the country, but maybe these other gals will become regular visits as we are only an hour apart!

Cris said...

Val! Oh, isnt't it great that you are meeting all these people? If I lived closer I would visit you, maybe some day we'll meet!

Gina E. said...

Val, Miss Eagle has suggested having a Blogger Meet around September/October in Upper Ferntree Gully. I am going to post a message on my blog about it; perhaps after reading Miss Eagle's blog, you could do the same?

Kerri said...

You're just having a ball meeting all these blogger buddies, aren't you? Sounds like a fun time.
I can't believe it's been almost a year already! Time flies when you're having fun :)
Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my post. It's a great comfort hearing from all my blog friends.
I agree that blogging has opened new a very caring and fascinating group of people.
Of all my blog friends you are the one who would understand best how hard it is to live such a distant from one's parents....especially since it's during our adult years that we come to really appreciate them.

Sandy said...

It's too bad you lost your craft room, but I must say having TS back home is worth the loss.

I enjoyed reading about your trip to Adelaide by train ride. I always enjoyed traveling by train and being able to move about.

Congratulations on receiving the Chancellor's Medal. How wonderful that they engraved your name on it too.

I also loved reading about your trip to the Barossa Valley and eating those large soft pretzels. I buy one every time I spot one. I love them freshly made and nice & warm.

What a sweet mom you are for buying your boys a wooden pop gun for old times sake. I bet it brought back fond memories for them. I laughed out loud when you said that you occasionally hear the sound of a pop gun coming from their bedrooms. hehehe

It's so nice to meet blogging friends in person. Today I had a visit from a dear blog friend named Rachel of Sliding Through Life. I would have never met her if it wasn't for an accidental meeting in the comment section of someone else's blog, where she mentioned the road that goes not 3 miles from my home. It was a chance meeting that has blossomed into a wonderful friendship.
And we had crossed paths in the past for two years as we worked in the same place, but didn't know each other. I guess it wasn't time for us to meet yet.

I'm glad that you're enjoying your retirement as much as I am. I know of some who hate it and want to go back to work...what a shame.