Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coffee/tea meme!

How do you take your coffee/tea?

This is from Stu out in Western Australia. I have strong feelings about my coffee, so this meme is ideal for me.

Whether you're a coffee or tea drinker, you too might have fun answering the questions and posting a photo of your favorite coffee cup or mug.

What's your preference - coffee or tea?

Mine is definitely coffee. "Regular" tea makes me cough (something to do with the tannin?), but I do like peppermint tea.

Instant or Brewed?

Instant coffee is a contradiction in terms for us. And it has to be filter coffee, none of this new fangled plunger stuff for us. When we go on holiday, we make sure beforehand what the coffee making facilities there are like, and if necessary bring our own filter and other equipment, even on the train to Adelaide.

How do you take it?

Black. The Man Who Cooks weaned me off the tiny splash of milk I used to put in it, and now HE drinks lattes! (but only when he goes to a cafe).

Do you have a favorite cup?

For coffee we use the cups and saucers that go with our every day dinner set. I use a couple of mugs for my afternoon tea, both from my library days.

How many will you enjoy during a normal day?

I used to drink a lot more, especially when I was living in Germany years ago - they used to call me the Kaffee-Tante (coffee aunt). But now I have my two strong cups in the morning and will rarely have coffee after that.

Does it matter if you don't start the day with a coffee/tea?

Absolutely!! I do not venture outside the house without first having my morning coffee. This has two implications:

  1. I am not a candidate for going out for breakfast. This fits well with my preference for having my breakfast while still in pajamas.
  2. When I have to fast before having a cholesterol check, I am an absolute wreck until I get the all clear to have breakfast and coffee. Just don't get in my way on those mornings.
Anyone else care to do this meme? Let me know!


Cris said...

Hum..... I like coffee!!! Mine is black, with little sugar, no cream (sometimes) and I drink many cups of coffee a day!

Susie said...

I start my day with brewed coffee also. Mine is black and half caf. (doctor's orders!) Two cups per day max..

catsmum said...

Earl Grey or Lady Grey, white [ and yes I know that qualifies me as a total heathen ]
Receptacle? Any of the six gazillion cat mugs or blue and white ones ... unless I'm playing ladies in which case it will be the Royal Albert Lady Carlisle.

Stuart said... if you would drink instant when you're so close to Lygon Street. If I were in Melbourne you wouldn't find me anywhere else - I LOOOOOVVVVE that cafe strip....

Cool answers Val. I'll update my post in the morning with a link to it.

I'm also wondering what Rosengeranium has in store!

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ I am not a coffee drinker
so it doesn't apply. Thanks for comments. The ctrl and Z works in Blogger to restore something i do
not mean to delete.
Ann just suggested I try Picaa and then send to Blogger.
Take care my friend. Love, Merle.

John Cowart said...

Hi Val, Ive been out of pocket with reading blogs for a while so this has nothing to do with coffee... I just wanted to comment on how great it is that you were awarded the Chancellor's Medal. I know you felt honored. That's just great!

Enjoy rubbing it.

PEA said...

I like my morning cup of coffee and always have French Vanilla creamer in it. I don't drink coffee the rest of the day unless I go to Tim Horton's to have one with my friend June. As for tea, the only one I'll drink is Apple Cinammon tea:-) xox

Steve G said...

Coffee for me please.

Gina E. said...

I enjoy both tea and coffee, but not as much coffee as I used to when I worked in an office five days a week. There was always instant coffee in a mug on my desk, until one day I suddenly felt as if I would throw up if I ever had another cup of that stuff! So I went right off it for a few years, and now I only like a latte or cappucino when I'm out with friends (at Volumes in Eltham!)

Rebecca said...

I drink three cups of black coffee first thing in the morning. I also travel with my coffe, especially to North America, where the coffee you buy in the supermarket does not even begin to compare with the stuff from here. So I take at least six packs of DE along with me when I travel, inorder that I am not caught out.

jellyhead said...

What an unusual meme... I like it!

When I drop around for coffee, I'd like some milk in mine please. I'll bring my lumberjack cake. Can we sit in the sun? (brrrr!)

Annette said...

Tea, as I am apparently allergic to coffee. My mom used to give us instant iced tea, but I have since learned how to make real tea and as soon as I learned that, I abandoned instant. Hot tea and cold tea need differing amounts of sweeteners in them. I am off sugar but use sweet n low, two in a big cup of hot tea and maybe one in a large glass of iced tea. My favorite cup for tea was the giveaway cup at McDonald Observatory in 1995. It has a picture of the cow jumping over the moon and says "Star Party" on it. If I drink too many cups of tea in a day my stomach lets me know that night, so I hold it down to three or four. I don't have to start the day with tea and I don't get a headache if I don't begin the day with caffiene, but I like the ritual of filling the tea kettle and readying the cup and eventually sitting down to a cup and a good book with breakfast.


Merle said...

Hi again Val~~ I don't drink tea either - mainly low cal cordial
or grape juice. Lucky you to go to the Pratt's home- glad you had a nice time. Don't suppose we can beat Sydney, but Fev will be red hot I hope. Glad you find crtl and Z good.
Take care, Val, Love, Merle.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Val, I'm neither a tea nor coffee drinker !!
You gave great answers, though.
Take care, Meow

Kerri said...

Brewed coffee in the morning (not too strong), and perhaps 3 more throughout the day. French vanilla creamer, or milk with a little Splendor. I drink an occasional cup of regular tea. Love peppermint tea!
I saw this over at Stuart's and thought it a very original idea for a meme.

Miss Eagle said...

Val, have done the tea/coffee meme over at Oz Tucker at