Thursday, July 26, 2007

My first craft show

Today I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne. I was a bit apprehensive about the anticipated crowds, but I got there early (9.20) and had previously planned out what I wanted to see. As I approached Jeff's Shed*, I felt a part of an army of like minded people. Marching along with me were women who, well, had that crafty look about them. It was a hoot! When I arrived the queue was not long and moved quickly. Fortunately I had brought cash with me, which eliminated the need for me to stand in another queue for the ATM.

There were half hour demonstrations of lots of products and techniques, and there were so many products, I was astounded. My favorite was specially treated fabric with paper backing in A4 size which can be put in an ordinary inkjet printer. Photos, graphics, text etc can be printed onto fabric and then sewn into a project. Most people there would have been thinking "quilts", but I was thinking "fabric covered books". There was something for everyone and I'll certainly be going to more of these crafty events.

*Jeff's Shed is Melbourne's Exhibition Centre, nicknamed after the 1990s premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett. The shed is an important place in the life of the Australian male, where he can retreat to, to tinker with bits of wood, metal and the like. It is a tragedy for the Man Who Cooks that there is no shed in our garden. He has to make do with part of the rumpus room.


Alice said...

I have on the desk beside me the program for the 4-day Craft Fair here in a couple of weeks. Unless I'm working on a particular project - and I'm usually not - I tend to find it all a bit overwhelming. However, I'll have a wander around again and probably buy things that I'm sure I'll use and then bring them home and they can join all the unused purchases from previous years.

I'm glad you found something new and useful for your bookbinding. You've certainly expanded your talents in that field, haven't you?

I didn't realise that the magnificent Exhibition Buildings had been tagged 'Jeff's Shed'.

Tabor said...

I have come to your blog via VAL at Stepping Stones of Truth and noticed that you used to visit the Long-toothed Hinterland Dweller. Do you know what has happened to Jude...did she just get tired of blogging? I am enjoying you posts, by the way, and hope to return. (Too many blogs and so little time!)

catsmum said...

No Alice, have no fear, the Exhibition Buildings are still the Exhibition Buildings [ at Carlton ] ... Jeff's Shed is the ultra modern Melbourne Exhibition Centre down near the Casino at the opposite end of the city... to which I was supposed to be getting a train down today except that, as Val knows, I ended up at the Doctor having a tetanus shot.
instead :[ ... she says grumpily.
btw Val, I've been asked to teach my handmade silk paper as a half day class at Daylesford later in the year !!

Gina E. said...

Snap! I've just finished posting my review and photos of the Fair, Val! I did keep one eye out for you, but with all the goodies to be drooled over, the other eye was completely distracted! Wasn't it a fantastic Fair!

Lee-ann said...

Val I would have loved to have joined all that march to "the shed" but work I guess sadly must come first.

I remember when I had a shop (gift shop) jeff's shed was were all the gift fairs were so much space to show of SO MUCH STUFF! lol lol lol.

hve a lovely friday.

Susie said...

Sounds like there was lots to see. I think the idea of that fabric covered paper is wonderful. Now is A4 like 8½ x 11, or is that a size that is unique to crafting?

Sonia said...

Sounds you had a great time at the Craft and Quilt Fair!

Thanks for the tip to the book
"The last gift of time: life beyond sixty". I must to reading it.

Lucy Stern said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Lee-ann said...

Val, incase you wanted to know! lol lol lol lol lol well if you don't I am telling you anyway lol lol lol.

it is bucketing down here at the moment, your dam must surely be filled to the top now!!

have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating me on Jude. I miss her but wish her well.


Cris said...

Hi Val! That fabric with paper backing must be so interesting, did you buy some? You can use your muffin tins to make the madeleines, or a 9 x 5 loaf pan, and no need to wait for 45 minutes in the fridge, I think they tasted better when I forgot to refrigerate the batter before baking! Have a nice weekend!

Joan said...

It sounds like you had a great time at the Craft and Quilt Fair. And that paper backed fabric sounds like a wonderful item with lots of different uses.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Glad you enjoyed the Craft Show and guess it will be the first of many.
I listened to the footy and got quite excited by the improvement in the team. Bad luck, they didn't quite make it. Then I watched it on TV and they still didn't win!!
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Val, Julie used to love the craft fair and never miss it.
The football is getting interesting... well perhaps not for the Blues at the moment, I'm tipping Michael Voss for the new coach there, and fancy Sheedy getting the sack!!! as well as Danahar?
And Brisbane has just trounced Collingwood... HOW SAD!!!!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Val, Sounds like you had a great day at the Craft exhibition,that paper back fabric sounds ideal for your books.

Robert Hamner said...

Although I've never been to a craft fair, I love to do needlepoint, and have recently created several Beatrix Potter samples, which were converted into small pictures for my niece's baby's nursery. I find needlepoint quite relaxing, and anyone can do it, unlike some other crafts which require "talent"!

I got into needlepoint in high school, and do a variety of projects.

Any other needlepointers out there, or is it going out of fashion again?

Kerri said...

I can't wait to see what you create with the paper backed fabric, assuming you bought some. I can imagine how interesting the show was with all those demonstrations.
My hubby is lucky enough to have a shed for fixing mechanical things...machinery and cars, AND he has now converted our garage into a woodworking shop. I used to store my garden stuff in there but I've been outed, and it's been moved to yet another shed...where we also park the car and sometimes hay wagons.
There are some advantages to having a farm and lots of space.

catsmum said...

Val you are going to LOVE the photo transfer paper. it's actually been around for a decade or more but I think we quilters kept it a bit of a secret. You can also buy a bottle of BubbleJetSet to make your own at home if you really get into it. It's about $50 a bottle but does about 50 sheets so cheaper than the prepared variety.
btw I answered your cueing question in the comments on my Blog to save you looking it up.

Miss Eagle said...

Val, I went on Friday. Started early and day all planned out but by 1.30pm I was pooped and went home. Did three workshops: the fabric printing one. Info filed away for future use. The one about beading your knitting. This was great and done by a fellow North Queenslander, Pam. And the third one was Floral Fantasy with Gabrielle from Miss Rose and Sister Violet. Herself and I were didn't need converting to floral fantasy but Gabrielle was very inspirational, lots of philosophy (I'm waiting for the book. Bought quite a few of her flowers and have invaded Lincraft since. One basket (natural cane) is trimmed with olives and olive leaves and I'm working on another painted basket with ribbon and delphinium blossom. The bedroom has been re-arranged and has more flowers than before and plans for more. OTT is the name of the game here. Does this sound obsessive? Maybe but it's beautiful. It was my first craft fair too. Will do it again. Some of the quilts on display took my breath away - especially those inspired by William Morris and the Arts and Craft movement. Bit disappointed however that there was not much around in the way of paper. There was some Japanese paper but it didn't suit what I wanted to work on at the moment. Have to get to the places you recommend. Hope you're having fun in your new studio.

Blessings and bliss

Kali said...

Sounds so interesting. Still to this day I haven't been to one. I hope to some day.