Friday, July 20, 2007

Natural friendship pools amongst bloggers?

Yesterday I wound up commenting on Motherkitty's blog for the first time. I have seen Motherkitty around the Blogosphere for a while now, commenting on blogs that I have been reading. Because I am making a conscious effort to keep my blog reading to a manageable size, I rarely add new blogs to my Google Reader. But sometimes there is just something that catches my eye (OK, if the truth be known, I was seduced by a link on another blog by the promise of seeing a "hunky pool guy", I couldn't resist clicking and wound up at Motherkitty's). When I first visit a blog I always read someone's profile, and then check out a few recent posts. In this case, I decided that Motherkitty was someone who had something to say, and had a few things in common with me. And of course there are some blogs that we both read.

Now I know that shared blog lists are the obvious way of bringing bloggers together, but what strikes me is that there seems to be a defined community of us, a tiny part of that huge world of blog communities 'out there'. We are finding each other amongst millions of blogs, and pretty much sticking together and that this community is not expanding that fast, considering all that's 'out there'. Is it just me, or does anyone else find this an interesting phenomenon, am I stating the obvious, totally out of it? Hello, are you still there?

We will not be here for the weekend, leaving tonight for the country and staying in our favorite Castlemaine accommodation, the Campbell St Lodge, for two nights. We've booked one of the two rooms on the upper floor, views over the town. Bliss!

Saturday morning will see us do our ritual visit to the library, then the art gallery, and Sunday will be taken up with a long hike in the Wombat Forest with the Great Dividing Trail Association group, which we've just joined. Will catch up with your blogs Sunday evening.


Susie said...

Now that you mention it, we do seem to keep pretty much the same circle of bloggers. We each have a few different reads, but also many of the same. Funny how that works out with all the blogs there are out there!!
Have a wonderful getaway. We're getting away and will return midweek. (we aren't leaving yet though) It's supposed to be 85ยบ at the coast!!

Tanya said...

Have a great time in Castlemaine. Am off to visit Motherkitty!!

Miss Eagle said...

Val, agree you with about defined groups within the never-ending kingdom of the blogosphere. Am interested in your Great Dividing Trail experience - picked up the brochures in Ballarat recently. Looked a great idea. BTW, this person - - will be holidaying in Castlemaine in October. Apparently his parents and siblings live in and around there. So you will have quite distinguished company.

T*mmy said...

I've visited with Miz Motherkitty, she is a sweet and understanding lady!
I have a group of "core" bloggers that sticks with me through thick and thin and I am ever so grateful. Thanks for being one of those!

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Well I guess you will be at Castlemaine now- where I hope you are warm and comfortable. I had to laugh at your Carlton clapper frightening the bats away (I remember from last year) Maybe someone should tell all in charge at Carlton what they are really designed for - - maybe they are also frightening bats away!!
It takes time to read and comment and reply, so that is one good reason not to extend our lists and
we get to know each other so well.
I will check on Motherkitty as I have seen her around a lot.
Enjoy your weekend break, Val and
take care. Love, Merle.

lindsaylobe said...

Another great getwaway!

Bloggers are an interesting lot! Their prominence I think came to the fore primarily in the USA to meet the needs to report comprehensibly on the War. The Internet was the perfect medium, unencumbered by editorial slant or spin, the creation of a simple blog or journal was the ideal medium to accumulate correspondent’s information and facts. It has grown I think in a similar way, many blogs are politically frustrated groups who air their concerns on line, or maybe it’s an environmentally concerned group of bloggers. Or those simply interested in like minded souls to share information and thoughts.

Underlying the blog is the independence of thought and comment which enables the individual and those making up this virtual community to express views without the pressure to conform to editorial or even social protocols within due respect for others.

In that sense it’s in competition to the popular press and its perceived editorial bias.

Best wishes

Val said...

Ah Miss Eagle, Paddy Ashdown lives not too far from me, over the border in Somerset - where he is known as Paddy Pantsdown (due to a naughty incident that most of the world has forgotten) but is known as a nice neighbour. Good company I think he would be.

Yes its interesting that I have fallen in with this small pool of bloggers in the huge ocean of blogdom. As in the "real world" someone will be introduced by another friend or link and stay - or pass on by.

I spent some time, no much time lets be honest, in 3D worlds like Activeworld from 1999 - 2003, when I got a real life, but people are people whether in virtual groups or not. Its just slightly different behaviour, much like a foreign country, thats all.

I enjoy my blogging life very much!

Motherkitty said...

Hi, Val. Motherkitty here thanking you for the shout-out and good words. You are too kind.

Yes, we are a close-knit virtual community. I've looked at a great number of blogs out in the blogosphere but I always come back to the sites on my favorites list (and some I've bookmarked). It seems we all share a common interest and that's a good thing. Like-minded folks seeking other like-minded folks.

I've learned a great deal in the past several years of blogging. We are all alike but we are all so very different. I've discovered a lot about myself during this time and find myself sharing more of my inner thoughts with my virtual friends.

I envy your trip. Sounds like a wonderful time awaits you. Looking forward to hearing all about it and maybe seeing some pictures.

Have a great trip.

catsmum said...

Well val m'dear, I'm sure by now you're very happy that you chose not to stay on the block this visit given that it was minus 2.4C last night.
I'm probably the odd one out in your little group of visitors/visitees as we found each other through the mutual love of Castlemaine, even if we HAVE found shared interests since ...a nd then of course you did introduce me to Meow and vice versa :]

Steve G said...

Have a great weekend.

Gina E. said...

I often ponder on those thoughts Val, about blogging and the Internet generally. I call it the 21st century communication tool, as it is fast replacing letters, telephone calls, and faxes as a way of keeping in touch with friends, and making new friends. Beats going to pubs to meet people! Not that I ever did that, but so many younger ones do, as there just doesn't seem to be anywhere else for them to go. In my day, it was dances with no alcohol (except in the cars in the car park!).
One of the enormous benefits of blogging to keep in touch is being able to post photos, that were taken maybe five minutes beforehand. Can't do that with a phone call!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

The blog community is a wonderful place. Many of us choose many of the same people to chat to, whilst also branching out to others ... it is very interesting.
It has been a pleasure to have met you in the blogosphere, Val.
Time to catch up for another coffee, soon, what do you think ?
Take care, Meow

Gina E. said...

Can I come? Please?? If I promise not to talk too much???

Joan said...

My sister and I were just talking about the fact that we (she, my cousin and I) all seem to have the same readership AND the same blogs we read. I guess we need to venture out into BlogLand to see who else is out there!

Oh...the Campbell St Lodge looks so quaint!!! Hope your weekend was fun!

Alice said...

Sometimes I think about going and visiting some 'new' bloggers, but I can't even keep up with those I already have, so what hope of keeping up with new ones. Trouble is that I keep thinking there's probably some wonderful friends out there whom I'm not getting to know.

I guess we can't do or have it all.

I hope you had a great weekend in Castlemaine. It must have been good - you haven't come back to earth to write about it yet. Hope you're not lost on that long walk.

Jeanette said...

Hi Val Im back. Hope you had alovely weekend in Castlemaine
I do hope we can meet up when I have a longer stay in Melbourne, just been very quick visits lately.
well im off to visit Mother Kitty. (((HUGS))))

Merle said...

Hi again Val ~~ Thanks for your comments, glad you like my cat doorstop. Your giraffe sounds nice. Anything to save bending.I see Brett Ratten is the caretaker coach. I liked the way he played. see how he goes as coach. "They" seem to think we will get Michael Voss.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Val,

Well, just want to say thanks for commenting on my blog a few days ago. (before I went away for a few days)

I have found it interesting too, that so many of us end up visiting the same blogs! A lot probably has to do with the age although I am on the high end of the age thing! (at age 66!) Most of my blogger friends are at least middle age...


Kerri said...

Like the "other Val" I enjoy my blogging life very much. I've met some wonderfully interesting people out there. It is rather difficult to keep up with everyone, but I think we each understand that. We do seem to stick loyally together. I try to visit each new commenter, but am trying to keep the list manageable.