Sunday, July 01, 2007

Train journey to Adelaide

Taking the train to Adelaide was a good move: so relaxing, read lots, dozed, gawked out the window. And Adelaide had so much to offer, we'll have to go back to visit again soon, to see the things we didn't have time for.
In the train

Cafe carriage, able to gawk out the windows while having quite good coffee.

Beautiful glass conservatory in Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Inside the conservatory, filled with palmsBicentenary conservatory, containing a whole rainforest
Inside the conservatory. These were aerial roots that seemed to be translucent.

We visited the excellent art gallery (current exhibition is the Egyptian collection from the Louvre). Next door was the museum which had an exhibition on the Middle Eastern cameleers who came to Australia in the 19th century when camels were used to cross the vast inland deserts on explorations. And next door to that was the South Australian State Library, both new and old buildings. I preferred the oldest building, although I wish they didn't have that flag hanging in the middle. Still, I think you get the idea. Now THAT was a library building.
We hired a car and drove up to the Barossa Valley. But that's for another day.


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Val
Sounds like an interesting relaxing trip so far.

I had to come up with a list of 5 thinking bloggers, and yours came to mind.

Hence I have decided to award your blog the award of a”Thinking Blogger. “

Take a look at my blog and the origin of the meme should you wish to join in and tag another 5 thinking bloggers.

Best wishes

Susie said...

Hi Val,
Looks like it was a lovely trip. The pictures are wonderful!
Looking forward to reading of your car trip to the Barossa Valley!

Sonia said...

Hi Val, love that reportage and the photos, too! Sounds you both had a great time!

PEA said...

Well you sure got to do a lot of gawking didn't you!! hehe Oh Val, sounds like it was a wonderful trip on the train...that's something I've never been on! Wow, I'll say like you, that's quite the library building!!! Terrific pictures! xox

jellyhead said...

What a wonderful way to's one of those things it's easy to talk about yet never do - glad you DID do your long train trip.

Looks like you enjoyed Adelaide - such a pretty place, isn't it?

I'll look forward to the next batch of photos!

Annette said...

What a library! Train trips are so soothing. I remember bus commercials that said, "Take the bus and leave the driving to us," but I prefer the train because I can get up and move around.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Val

Peter suggested I come over and say here I am. I've never been to Adelaide...but I aim to remedy that one day.

Val said...

I'm with Annette! I enjoy the freedom on a train, the café carriage sounds fun. I shall be taking the train on an hour long journey to an interview for a job with the BBC this week - because its so relaxing. What interesting places you discover Val!

Miss Eagle said...

Val, I have lovely memories of a beautiful William Morris/Arts & Craft Movement exhibition at the SA Art Gallery. The place is a favourite of mine even though it is not large. Adelaide is a lovely place. Had a beautiful weekend there staying on the water at Glenelg last Oct and celebrating a former boss's 60th birthday with a day long trip around McLaren Vale - another fave. If only Adelaide had something like an economy, I might have gone to live there! Your photos of the train trip make it seem wonderful - filed away in the memory for further investigation. And on the topic of tabling pop over for some more at Oz Tucker.

Joan said...

Your train trip sounds marvelous...I love traveling by train although I haven't done it in years. And the photos of Adelaide look so inviting particularly the old South Australian State vision of what a library should look like.
Can't wait for your report on the Barossa Valley.

Gina E. said...

Ken and I have been talking for years about taking a long train trip over a few days...I'd like to go to Perth, but we'll have to wait until we both retire, I think! Thanks for posting your comment on the MOTH's new bike - you must have been right behind me; I'd only just posted that a few minutes beforehand!

Alice said...

I love train travel although I haven't done much in Australia. Wonderful rail network in Switzerland and majestic scenery as a bonus, which made it a great way to travel on our last trip over there.

I agree that that flag does tend to spoil the view of the library. Are libraries the first places you explore when you visit a new place? I'm sure they must be. That one looks beautiful.

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ Hope you are still enjoying your holiday. Thank goodness, Fev is staying with us. He should do better
for the exercise. But oh. how badly are they playing? Maybe we can win a few more games this year.
Take care, Love, Merle.

T*mmy said...

What an interesting trip you've had...that library is amazing!!
PS...this is Early Bird with a new blog name and picture ;)

Kerri said...

Train travel sounds like a great way to go Val.....just my cup of tea. I've enjoyed a trip to NY city and back (about 4 hrs each way), and a 2-day trip to Cairns years ago with a girlfriend before I was married. Sleeping overnight on a train is fun!
We saw a jungle inside the Botanic Gardens in Washington DC. It's quite a fascinating sight to see those huge trees and plants growing inside a building, isn't it?
Wow, what a library! It looks to be a majestic old building.
Glad you had such a nice trip and will look forward to seeing the beautiful Barossa Valley.

Lee-ann said...

Hello Val, now your train trip to My home town is a great post and I look forward to your photos and comments about the barrosa valley were all my old family members lived like great aunties etc. I cannot tell you how many times we have "gone home" over the years both by car or train but each time I get a very warm feeling that I "am back" home whenever I see the murray river.......I miss SA often.

Next time you must visit the coast or the Flinders Ranges both very different but very special spots.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my renovation dramas your kindness and that of others truly helps.

best wishes Lee-ann

Merle said...

Hi Again Val ~~ I hope you are still enjoying your holiday. The train trip sounds wonderful/ Thanks for your comments. The Discrimination story
was a good one with a very fitting ending. Glad you liked the pics of Peter and me -OMG they are so old!!!
Take care Val and looking forward to your return to show us your pics.
I won't mention football - it was
promising for awhile today.
Love, Merle.