Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dust to dust

In a comment on my post about Christmas trees, Jude said...
Now that's efficiency! I'm wondering about dust though. Do you not have to wipe over each of those little bulbs at some stage during the year?

Dust?? What's that? It's something I have conveniently overlooked over the years, and with advancing years and less sharp eyes, it is even easier to just not notice. Yet another advantage of getting older!

Though I did flick around the dust cloth the other day as things had got so bad that even I noticed it. Funny how different people pick up on different things. My husband will notice (and might mention ever so gently) that there's some dust around (what an understatement!), but he will leave things lying around that are so obviously THERE. This is especially true of the kitchen bench (counter to some of you) which has always been his favorite dumping ground. In all the houses we've lived in, the kitchen bench has collected unkitchenly items: wrenches and screwdrivers, paint brushes soaking in turps, packets of seed and plant food, you name it. Sometimes I have tried to not touch them, to see how long it will take for him to put them away, but I can never wait that long! Arrrgh! Oh, and his second favorite dumping ground is right at the front door. It's like he's leaving little shrines around the place.

But one last word on dust: I am living proof that dust does not kill!


Alice said...

You have dust in Melbourne, too, do you? I thought it was all here in Canberra, in my house!

Jude said...

Well I don't dust either - but I always imagine that everyone else does! My husband wouldn't dare mention it, as he knows he would be commanded to leave his shoes at the door each time he comes in. So it seems we've reached a happy compromise.

jellyhead said...

Hi Val,

How appropriate that you commented on a post where I mentioned my grotty kitchen floor - then I come to your blog and read about your dust!

I too prefer to ignore our dust. I mind my own business and let the dust do likewise. Only if house guests are expected do I interfere with this happy little ecosystem!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Val said...

I solved the problem of dust as soon as I went back to work after having the girls. I pay someone else to dust and clean! Even tho at first I was paying them exactly the same wage per hour as myself. A fair swap I reckon to this day.

One of life's little luxuries. Along with Bendick's chocolate. 'twould be a close call if I was asked to choose beween them!

Val said...

I like the idea of a happy little ecosystem represented by dust. Cobwebs are even more valuable. Think of Mr. & Mrs. Spider and how cheesed off they must be to come back to their home to find it destroyed.