Saturday, December 24, 2005

Reading other blogs

Over the last few weeks I have been pulled deeper into the blogger world, having a few I regularly read (more of that later), and then occasionally following a few links from those blogs. The number of blogs read is compounded by reading others' comments and then going to THEIR blogs. Where do you stop? Answer: when you suddenly become aware that the house has become very quiet, even sons are in bed, and that the computer clock says it's midnight! I must not forget that there is another world out there.

It is so easy to find people who share interests on the internet, and it's also gratifying to find that you are not alone in ranting on about mobile phone usage in previously quiet zones (e.g. cinemas and LIBRARIES), and other pet hates. And yesterday I happened onto one lovely site run by two brothers living in different countries, and they share their childhood memories of upstate New York online for each other to read, as a kind of mutual memory jog. What a beautiful thing to do.

Because I haven't decided where I'm going to put them in my somewhat cluttered left column, I'm listing the blogs I read almost daily here, and will put them in a more permanent place when I have time to grapple with the template.

Time Goes By
Texas Trifles
Takoma Gardener
My Mom's Blog
Long-Toothed Hinterland Dweller
Pavlov's Cat

There are SO MANY more I have enjoyed reading, and even forgot to bookmark. But one thing I've found is that when you like what someone writes about and/or how they write, somehow you will often find your way back to those other blogs eventually.


Alice said...

Glad that you are also find the great pleasure, not to say time-consuming, that blogging can be. I find myself often referring to particular bloggers when talking to my husband as though they were mutual friends. He will say, "Where is Mary from?" I usually get them all mixed up so I just say "somewhere in America."

Val said...

Yes, Val, its wonderful isnt it? I thoroughly agree!

I came across one lovely blog from a thoughtful young man in India, through simply seeing its name scroll by when I was uploading my own at the same time! I was just attracted by its name.

I also have the great pleasure of having to read blogs from around the world aboput library technology to keep ahead of developments in the day job! Oh joy!

More about mobile phones in Dorset Libraries later.....

Jude said...

Oh dear, I'm being checked on nearly every day. Now that's asking for disappointment. I know what you're up to. You want a sneak preview of retirement - to see how others handle it and learn by their mistakes.