Friday, December 09, 2005

Keeping a low profile for Christmas

Ok, are you keeping it low key?

  • Not going near malls?
  • Not using precious fuel to get to malls?
  • Not buying useless presents?
  • Not buying a tree?
  • Not buying?

Then you will

  • Have more time to enjoy being with your family.
  • Have time to cook dinner and bake from scratch.
  • Help fight the consumerist/greed culture.
If you are honest with yourself and really don't enjoy this season as it has become these days, think about getting back to basics and cutting the crap.


Jude said...

'Yep' to all of those things. But only because it's the year for our three kids to spend Christmas with their in-laws. We are delighted to be having a quiet one, with just the two of us, and not to have to bother with a tree or any decorations. But next year it may be a little different.

Sonia said...

Hi Val! I just found your blog through Jude. What an interesting place it is!
I bookmark you and I will return very soon. Regards from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil

Sonia said...

Hi Val, thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog. I appreciate so much your visit!

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So long, Sonia.

Takoma Gardener said...

Right on, Val. I stopped shopping years ago; now I just go to parties!
I perused your blog and LOVE IT. Sixty never looked so good, or sounded like so much fun. I want your life (especially now that it's like the Arctic out my door). Susan

Val said...

It's good to see that some people are getting out of the habit of shopping, but I think it might be of a certain age group. The young ones are going at it like it's going out of style. (Whoo, THAT'S an old phrase, "going out of style").