Sunday, December 25, 2005

Turkey - first time in 35 years!

Turkey has been a no no in our household for more than 35 years. The man who cooks, not having grown up with it in the Australia of mid 20th century, was just not that enamored of it. So we've "made do" with duck, poussin and other yummy representatives of the poultry world, and not to forget the humble chicken for which there are so many ways to prepare in a tasty and interesting manner.

But this year a recipe by a trusted chef was spotted in the newspaper's weekend magazine, and we've decided to give it a go. It has a Middle Eastern flavor, with a spice combination (baharat), which I will have to make myself. That holds no terrors for me as I'm used to roasting and grinding Indian spices. The recipe also calls for dried cranberries (so there's a bit of tradition there) to soak in orange juice to make the sauce. Now where would you get dried cranberries? It appears that it is marketed here as "craisins", which I've picked up from the ever reliable Leo's Supermarket.

I used to hate going grocery shopping until I discovered Leo's. The muzak alone was enough to set the teeth on edge as soon as I entered a Safeway or Coles supermarket. But at Leo's you're treated to interesting real music, often Latin American, so that I've had to stop myself from salsa-ing down the aisles. Aside from that, they have so many unusual food products, a great cheese section, in addition to the usual grocery items. So now I don't mind going grocery shopping if I can go to Leo's.

I'm off now to prepare the big bird (it's already Christmas morning here in Australia as I write this). I wish everyone a calm, safe and happy Christmas!

Here's the little beastie (not me, the turkey!) before covering in foil and putting in the oven. Photo taken earlier this morning. It's now almost 1 p.m. and I've taken the foil off for browning, another 90 minutes to go, I hope. The house is smelling wonderful!

Nice and brown (and didn't need another 90 minutes after all)

Drinks in front of our Christmas "tree"


Jude said...

Big Bird on a platter! Looks scrumptious. They will be wanting it every year from now on. We cheated, as we often do, and bought a prepared turkey breast, and had it together with a ham. Much easier to prepare and cook, but sadly, there are never any leftovers.

BTW, I blew up the pic of you in front of the bamboo screen, but couldn't see the dust, so your cursory clean must have done the trick.

Val said...

Big Bird was a Big Hit, and the boys are at the leftovers as I type. That was probably what they liked most (that there are leftovers). Mel's favorite was the stuffing and mine was the homemade cranberry sauce. I must try that with other poultry.

Sonia said...

The turkey looks delicious!

I wish to you and your family a New Year filled with peace and love!

I enjoyed 'meeting' you through your blog and comments.