Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Road trip along the Midland Highway

We tend to go up to our bush block after Christmas, but this year we're taking the long way around. It's a micro mini version of the "grey nomad" trip around Australia we'll take when we're retired - just getting in some practice!


The Midland Highway goes to within a 5 minute drive of our block, through Castlemaine and on up to Bendigo. That much we knew for years. But a couple of years ago we were driving up the Hume Freeway in northeast Victoria and passed an overpass labelled "Midland Highway". The very same Midland Highway that passed through Castlemaine? Yes indeed, and looking at the map we saw it went from Geelong at the far end of Port Phillip Bay, following a huge arc, winding up in Mansfield in the high country. From then on it was our goal to one day do a road trip the entire length of the Midland Highway, just stopping where we liked, for as long as we liked. The name highway may be misleading as the parts of it we know, and from what we know of the towns it passes through, it is often a two-lane country road, so it will be life in the slow lane. Perfect!

This time we're covering only part of the route, starting out in Geelong on Dec 27th where we'll stay a couple of nights and do day trips in the area, then gradually find our way to Bendigo where we're spending New Year's Eve. Depending on how we go, we'll be stopping at our place near Castlemaine once or twice.

Internet access will be non existent until the beginning of January, so this will most likely be the last post of the year. Happy New Year to all, and take care on the roads. And don't get road rage if you're stuck driving behind a couple of old farts just trundling along - it might be us!


Sonia said...

Have a lovely and fun trip!

I wish to you and all your family a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, peace and friendship!

"Bon voyage"!

Jude said...

Sounds wonderful. Take care -- and Happy New Year to you both.