Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another Wednesday come and gone

Somehow, today seemed to just go by, slowly (I like that bit!) and without a huge amount accomplished. I think I have bookbinder's block - I'm so distracted by all the ideas I've seen in books and at workshops that I flit from one thing to another. I also need a few more supplies that will enable me to carry out particular projects from beginning to end. It's sometimes daunting to cut into the beautiful fabric and papers too.

Before I retired, a wasted Wednesday, my day off, would have made me unhappy with myself, and then I would have to wait until the weekend (busy with other things) or the following Wednesday to get stuff done. Now I have tomorrow to go out and get those supplies and get stuck into it. In the meantime I got up on the step ladder and cleaned the rangehood, and the top of the oven and fridge. That feels better - but I would have rather made a book! And I remembered to sit down in my chair in the sun, and read a while.

Yesterday was by contrast a very productive day, and I also tried out a new spaghetti and meatball recipe and made delicious butterscotch brownies (recipe thanks to Sue at Susie's Place - easy to make too). My sons have given it their seal of approval, which means I'll have to bake again tomorrow.


Sue said...

Glad you enjoyed the brownies... They are almost too easy and somewhat addictive!
I'll email you on the bloggy tour.
Keep enjoying those laid back days...

Merle said...

Hi Val ~ I copied the recipe as it sounds nice. Glad you sorted out the sandwich tin. Do you possibly think
that we could beat Essendon? Our two teams have each won 16 Premierships, so I hope we can get the next one. No other team has won as many and besides we do not want another wooden spoon ! I see in the paper that Sticks Keraghan is going to go to Siberia for a week if we lose.Actually I think the Siberia weather has come to us.
There's a nice recipe on my blog.
Take care, C'mon the Blues, Merle.

Val said...

Amazing how Sue's recipe is going around the world, AND country Victoria!

Don't know who will win tomorrow, Merle. I'll be there, but will sit 'way up the top of the Southern Stand, try and keep a low profile but still wearing my Carlton scarf and beanie. I'll need it - there was lots of frost in Melbourne this morning, must have been even colder up your way.