Friday, July 07, 2006

Della's retirement perspective

Here's someone else's take on retirement. Della has a Turning Sixty website, with the subtitle "To everything there is a season". How true that is. It takes self-knowledge to identify that you've entered a new season, what will suit it, and the courage to go with it. A site like Della's addresses a number of issues relevant to people of a certain age (to paraphrase a Tina Turner lyric, and now THERE'S a role model!) and makes for good reading. There are also some forums to participate in. How wonderful that the advent of blogging, and the internet in general, enables us to get together in cyberspace and share ideas and experiences.


Sue said...

This looks interesting! I'll go back and read it more when time is not at such a premium. (two grandkids here now chomping for their turn at the computer!)

DellaB said...

THANKS for the link, Val. You know, I started the site when I was turning sixty - up until then I hadn't given my age much thought - but for some reason this one was taking it's toll.

I needed some motivation and positive affirmation,and I found it online in buckets... and keep on finding it... and by the way talking about role-models... did you see Sophia Loren has done a nude calendar ... good heavens - I'd like to see THAT!

Val said...

Yes, I did see that article on Sophia Loren, whom I’ve always thought so beautiful. I do hope the calendar is tastefully done, in keeping with how she seems to have led her life.

I think one of the most important things to try to do at this age is to accept who and where you are at the moment, and not compare with what once was. I rejoice in remembering that some things I don’t have to deal with any more, and try not to think of what I will have to deal with in the coming years. I’ve been extremely fortunate: parents still alive and well, no family tragedies, a comfortable life. I’ve had it luckier than most – I count my blessings and at the same time take my hat off to people who have faced up to so much bad stuff in their lives, and still manage to survive and even thrive.

There’s an interesting article in the Good Weekend magazine in today’s The Age, on how people are part of a society which is disintegrating, but what they’re looking for is community, a sense of belonging. It wasn’t mentioned but I immediately thought of my experiences with blogging, sharing and getting support. I would certainly count that as a community with a sense of belonging.