Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kitchens, food and the meaning of (family) life

I have always felt that the preparation of food for people you love, and the sharing of that food around the dinner table, is the cornerstone of family life. You are caring for family members as well as having time to communicate with each other. There are many things in modern day life that get in the way of that scenario, but it's worth getting right, and it's not impossible to achieve. Since I've been blogging I've come across so many people who also value those things and it makes me feel so good when I read their posts. In the last couple of days there are two special posts which talk about families, gathering to prepare and eat meals together, etc.:

Lee-Ann at Pear tree cottage, who writes about the women in her family
and shares some corners in her kitchen with us
Alice at A growing delight, who writes about the kitchen, the heart of the house

Thank you, ladies!

We will be spending a couple of days in the country - see you when we get back.


DellaB said...

hmmm .. but the Crows are going okay!

It's the love that goes into the cooking that makes it special.

Ever noticed how things don't turn out so well if you are cooking 'cranky'?

I miss my family... can't wait till my son brings his wife and daughter to live on the Gold Coast next year, they are in Sydney now.

Val said...

Cooking cranky - I've had those days!

Nice that you have a reunited family to look forward to, Della.

Kali said...

I can so relate to what you're saying...Ever since I've developed a love for cooking and baking I feel that I have so much more to offer my family and friends..It is so satisfying, and also so many of my memories relate back to happy times in my Mum's and Gran's kitchens and now I want to create similar experiences and memories for my family.
Thanks Val.

Kerri said...

Alice's story is wonderful. She has such a fantastic memory for details, doesn't she? And what a great writing style....she makes you feel like you're there in the room.
Now I'll go and read Lee-Ann's story.
Thanks Val!

Granny said...

Enjoy your mini vacation.

Sue said...

Those were both great posts! I also believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We always insisted that the four of us have dinner together every night. Good memories!

Sonia said...

Enjoy your vacation! Bon voyage!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Family and food are synonymous with life and its celebration. Yesterday we celebrated our one of our grandson’s fist birthdays with respective families while sharing a meal. Always a god idea.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I used to love to cook & bake and preparing all of our meals, but since the kids are all grown up I only get to do it on Holidays and on those days everyone seems to want to gather in our small gets really crowded in there.

Have fun on your Holiday.

Meow said...

Have a lovely few days in the country. Take care, Meow

Lee-ann said...

Val, how nice of you to mention my blog......I wondered why my ears were burning :o)

one of these days stop for a cuppa on your way up the country! lol lol