Sunday, July 02, 2006

Christmas in July

I've just been over at Lee-Ann's Pear Tree Cottage where she has written about Christmas in July too. Very lovely decorations, go have a look.

But MY Christmas in July is a bit of confession: our Christmas decorations are STILL UP, I don't even see them any more! Really must remove them from the bamboo screen, but maybe I should wait until we recreate the Christmas dinner we had, weather now is much better for it. Now that's a good excuse, isn't it.


Alice said...

I thought I was bad when I didn't take the Christmas cards off the wall one year until July - but I think you beat that, Val.

You'll never get to take them down now because you'll never have

Merle said...

Hi Val ~~ I hope you continue to enjoy
your retirement. Reading in the sun is
nice and then all that aerobic exercise.
Good for you !! Now if only our Blues
could get a couple more wins. Fev is great, also Lance is having a good year
and they have all played well in several
games. Like you I hope Marc Murphy will
be OK as he is a good one.
Thanks for your comments Val. Kathy will
be quite OK in a few days. Cheers, Merle

Sue said...

No need to confess anything! Just tell people you getting a jump start on the decor for this year. (Retirees have so much extra time on their hands they have to look for ways to occupy themselves) ;-)

Stuart said...

You don't want to rush these things Val, especially now that your in retirement. It's time to take life a little slower...

As for the footy. I'm not even going to comment on Marc Murphy's treatment at the hands of a disgruntled suitor...I'm not. Not a word...

Kerri said...

Confession is good for the soul Val :) You're going to be so healthy with all that relaxation, exercise, adventure and now confession! Maybe you could think of a new theme each month to decorate your pretty screen :)
Those last 3 comments I left on your blog bounced back to my inbox, so I sent you an e-mail, and that bounced back too. Have you changed your e-mail address?

Val said...

Is this a blogger problem with emails bouncing back? Has anyone else had this problem? I've received Kerri's emailed comments ok, so I'm not sure what's happening here.

Tanya said...

Just say your early with decorations this year, not late with taking them down from last year. That way we can all be impressed with how organised you are :)

Hope retirement is treating you well.